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Pressure Regulators

Here at Fluid Controls, we supply a wide range of pressure regulators from very well respected manufacturers. Our extensive collection of pressure regulators includes air pressure regulators, gas pressure regulators, as well as pneumatic and water pressure regulators from the likes of Parker and Norgren. Whether you require back pressure regulators, inline pressure regulators, low-pressure regulators or electronic pressure regulators – Fluid Controls has the ideal solution for your application.

Air pressure regulators

Air pressure regulators from Fluid Controls are second to none for dealing with compressed air systems and air filtration within industrial applications. Air pressure regulators work by passing air from the filtering chamber through the diaphragm and out of the vent. They maintain balanced pressure across the diaphragm and move the range spring that holds down the diaphragm, until output pressure is high enough to lift it. Air pressure regulators are widely used within pneumatic applications and controlling the pressure of instrument air. 

The most popular air pressure regulator type stocked here at Fluid Controls is filter regulators. These are primarily used for industrial air preparation. We distribute air filter pressure regulators from industry-leading manufacturers, Maxseal, Norgren and Parker. Other air pressure regulators available from Fluid Controls extend to electronic air pressure regulators from Proportion Air and low pressure air regulators from Jordan Valve.

Gas pressure regulators

Gas pressure regulators are unrivalled when it comes to controlling the flow of gasses whilst maintaining constant output pressures. Fluid Controls provides businesses with a range of back pressure regulators and electronic pressure regulators from Equilibar, designed for treating gas applications. We also stock spring-loaded gas pressure regulators from Thomspon Valves, including the specialist J20 model, manufactured specifically for gas treatment. Fluid Controls also provides stainless steel gas pressure regulators and ultra-high purity gas pressure regulators from Parker and Parker Verfilo respectively.

Water pressure regulators

Water pressure regulators work on the principle of reducing pressure within water systems by maintaining constant pressure levels throughout the application. Ideal within drinking water systems and wastewater applications, Fluid Controls stocks the very best water pressure reducing valves from industry leaders, Bürkert. Our most popular water pressure regulator is Bürkerts TFU006 model which is available in brass, plastic and stainless steel variants. As well as treating water applications, our water pressure regulator range also extends to filter regulators from both Maxseal and Parker for effective water and particle removal.

Pressure regulator suppliers near me

As respected pressure regulators suppliers for the UK process industry, Fluid Controls stocks and distributes the following pressure regulator types:

View our full range of pressure regulators below, or to discuss your requirements, contact Fluid Controls today on 01118 9720 2060, email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk, or complete our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Instrumentation Regulators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Instrumentation Regulators. Our premium regulators are sourced from only the best manufacturers, including Parker Veriflo, Parker’s Porter Instrumentation Division, Thompson Valves and Dutch Regulators. Whether you require threadless, spring loaded or negative pressure regulators, Fluid Controls is sure to have the perfect product for you.

Veriflo Regulators
Parker Veriflo manfactures…

Back Pressure Regulators

As part of our range of pressure regulators, Fluid Controls stocks and supplies back pressure regulators from industry-leading manufacturers, including Parker Veriflo, Equilibar and Thompson Valves. Our back pressure valves are designed for accurate and effective control of inlet, upstream pressure across a variety of industrial applications. Whether you require a reliable back pressure regulating valve to maintain set pressure within water pumping…

Dome Loaded and Air Loaded Regulators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Dome Loaded and Air Loaded Regulators from Thompson Valves, part of the highly respected IMI Precision Engineering family of manufacturers. Speak to a Fluid Controls adviser today and we will match your application specifications with the ideal Thompson Dome Loaded or Air Loaded Regulator.

Thompson Dome Loaded Regulators
Thompson’s Balanced Dome Loaded Pressure Regulators provide…

Blanketing and Low Pressure Regulators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Blanketing and Low Pressure Regulators from Jordan Valve. The Mark 608 Series of gas pressure regulators is ideal valve for low pressure gas regulation. These self-contained low pressure gas regulators are for use on tank blanketing, gas meter inlet pressure regulating, gas burners and other low pressure air and gas applications.

Mark 608 Series Gas Pressure Regulators
The Mark…

Sanitary and Pharmaceutical Regulators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Sanitary and Pharmaceutical Regulators. Steriflow, a division of Jordan Valve, offers a wide range of Sanitary Pressure Regulators designed to regulate pressure in systems requiring the maintenance of sanitary conditions.

Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator
The Mark 95 Series Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator is designed to regulate the upstream pressure to prevent overpressure situations…

Electronic Regulators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of electronic regulators from some of the industry’s premier manufacturers, including Proportion-Air and Parker Lucifer. Our impressive range includes single or double loop control Proportion-Air electronic pressure regulators and Parker’s EPP range of electro-pneumatic pressure regulators.

Proportion-Air Electronic Regulators
Proportion-Air supplies a broad range of electronic…

Cylinder Regulators, Assemblies & Control Panels | Fluid Controls

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Cylinder Regulators, Assemblies and Control Panels.

Filter Regulators

As part of our range of pressure regulators, Fluid Controls stocks and supplies air filter regulators from industry-leading manufacturers, Parker, Norgren and Maxseal. Our compressed air filter regulators are designed to provide accurate pressure regulation and quick response rates for even the most demanding industrial air preparation applications. We can provide your business with a variety of industrial air filter regulators including stainless…

Filter Regulator Lubricators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of filter regulators from two of the industry’s premier manufacturers Parker and Norgren. Our range of filter regulators includes stainless steel Parker Filter Regulators and combination Norgren Filter Regulators. These air regulators provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for the most demanding industrial air preparation applications.
Parker Filter Regulators (FRLS)
Parker offers a…

Parker Pressure Regulators

Parker offers a large range of air-line, single phase and pressure high flow regulators to be used for filtration, instrumentation, pneumatic and refrigeration applications. These Parker Pressure Regulators are used in a number of industries including process, power, oil and gas; providing quick response and accurate pressure regulation for the most demanding industrial air preparation applications. As we’re partnered with Parker, Fluid Controls…

Proportion Air Steam Regulators

Proportion Air are leading global manufacturers of control instrumentation for the industrial controls field and Fluid Controls are proud distributors. Here, we offer more information about Proportion Air pressure regulators for steam.
Uses of steam pressure regulators
Steam systems that have been designed effectively produce steam ready for delivery at high pressure through a distribution network. However, the majority of high pressure application…

Proportion Air Pilot Operated Regulators

Fluid Controls are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Proportion Air regulators in the UK. Due to our wide product range, we can provide a Proportion Air pressure regulator to meet your exact application requirements.

Proportion Air pilot operated regulators are designed for effective operation in a variety of applications, but specifically in extremely low pressure, high pressure and high flow rate applications. The aim of a Proportion…

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