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Filter Regulator Lubricators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of filter regulators from two of the industry’s premier manufacturers Parker and Norgren. Our range of filter regulators includes stainless steel Parker Filter Regulators and combination Norgren Filter Regulators. These air regulators provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for the most demanding industrial air preparation applications.

Parker Filter Regulators (FRLS)

Parker offers a range of air-line, pressure high flow and single phase regulators for instrumentation, filtration, refrigeration and pneumatic applications. Instrumentation regulators are used in the process, power, oil, gas and semiconductor industries to control the flow of liquids and gases with speed and precision.

Each regulator is available with an assortment of variations, which enable one regulator to perform multiple functions. All regulators are built to the highest quality standards, recognised around the world for their performance, durability and reliability. Available as miniature, economy, compact, standard, hi-flow and pilot-operated regulators to meet a variety of service needs.

Parker Stainless Steel Filter Regulators (FRLs)

Parker Filter Regulators

Parker offers a reliable line of air filter regulators that are used for air preparation. These high-spec FRLs meet NACE specifications and can withstand the toughest and most demanding industrial environments.

Features and benefits of Parker’s 316 stainless steel filter regulators include: coalescing, particulate and adsorption filter elements, as well as optional indicators, gauges and drains. These rugged regulators have an operating temperature of up to 175°F and are applicable for flows to 300 SCFM and pressures to 300 PSIG.

Norgren Filter Regulators Airline (FRL)

Norgren Filter Regulators

Best air preparation means using a filter, regulator and lubricator in the correct order, along with accessories that make the installation easy. The Norgren ‘box set’ concept takes away that potential of parts being missing or incorrectly fitting, by giving you one product, and one part number, at one price.

Norgren regulators are pre-assembled before despatch and include a strong mounting bracket, pressure gauge and an exhausting shut off valve for isolation of the upstream supply. There are two choices, either a larger Olympian Plus unit, or the smaller Excelon unit, each with their own special features to suit various applications.

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B34 Series Regulator

Miniature Filter Regulator – B34 SERIES

The B34 Series Regulator from Parker provides excellent water removal efficiency and accurate pressure regulation in one compact package. This miniature particulate filter regulator is diaphragm operated for fast action, precise regulation and high flow capacity. The B34 Series Regulator minimizes space by incorporating two units in one. Featuring a balanced poppet, large diaphragm and a 5-micron element as standard, this miniature particulate...
Parker P3L Lite

Parker Air Regulator – P3L Lite FRL System

The Parker P3L Lite FRL system has been specially designed to efficiently filter out rust, dirt, moisture and other impurities from compressed air lines. This lightweight pressure regulator uses an unbalanced poppet design, offering good response and accurate pressure regulation. The Parker P3L Lite has been developed to provide sturdy, high-quality ultra-lightweight air preparation with excellent performance and provides real value for money. For...
Parker FRLs Filter Regulators

Parker FRLs Filter Regulators

Finite Stainless Steel FRL's feature: Coalescing, particulate and adsorption filter elements Optional indicators, gagues and drains Temperature to 175°F 316 Stainless Steel Flows to 300 SCFM Pressures to 300 PSIG
Norgren Filter Regulators Airline (FRL)

Norgren FRLS Filter Regulators Airline

The Norgren 'box set' concept takes away that potential of parts being missing or incorrectly fitting, by giving you one product, one part number, at one price. The unit is pre-assembled before despatch and also includes a strong mounting bracket, pressure gauge and an exhausting shut off valve for isolation of the upstream supply. There are two choices, either a larger Olympian Plus Unit, or the smaller Excelon unit, each with their own special...

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