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Maxseal Ltd, also known as IMI Maxseal, is a successful and well-known brand from IMI Norgren. Maxseal produces durable and efficient valves and controls that stand the test of time. Maxseal valves and controls are a cut above the rest, performing exceptionally well in extreme environments.

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Air Dimensions have a reputation for superior quality diaphragm gas sampling pumps. A full range is available including Teflon coated, extended & heated heads, explosion proof (certified to Cenelec) and Air Motors. The units are capable of starting under heavy load conditions and can be operated for long periods with no need for maintenance.

Parker Gas Separation, located in the Netherlands, designs, manufactures and markets quality filtration and clarification products, providing customers with the best valve, quality, technical support and global availability.

Burkert are the leading manufacturer of Control and Measuring Systems for fluids and gases. Their products have a wide variety of applications and are used in a number of industries such as Water Treatment & Cooling Systems, Hygienic Processing, Steam, Gas Handling & Microfluidics.

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Burling Valves is a dynamic and rapidly growing manufacturer of pressure regulating valves and related systems that are marketed globally. They are part of a multi-national conglomerate with its roots in sophisticated machinery, instrumentation and engineered products that are used in high performance energy and process related applications as well as large capital equipment and consumer products.

Fluid Controls is the sole UK distributor for Netherlands based regulator experts, Dutch Regulators. We can now offer you the full range of Dutch Regulators’ premium quality stainless steel pressure regulators for gas and liquid applications, bringing you the benefit of their many years of engineering and design experience in the regulator field.

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Equilibar is one of the leading pressure regulator suppliers in the USA. Located in North Carolina, Equilibar supply a large range of different regulators, specialising in high-performance back pressure regulators and vacuum regulators. At Fluid Controls, we provide Equilibar’s full range of exceptional regulators.

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Parker’s Lucifer Valve Division, manufacturing fluid control solenoid valves and pressure regulators is located in Carouge-Geneva, Switzerland with manufacturing sites both in Geneva and Gessate, Italy. Established for over 75 years in Geneva, we are members of the “OPI” or Office for Industrial Promotion ever since it was set up in 1976.

Malema’s range of flow switches and excess flow valves are recognised by the leading certifying bodies around the world. Widely used in industries ranging from offshore to semiconductor, including harsh environments, their products are UL and Cenelec approved as well as CE compliant. Available in a choice of materials, these units are suitable for almost all flow and monitoring applications.

Mott Corporation (formally Mott Metallurgical Corporation) was founded as a Connecticut corporation on July 9, 1959 by Lambert H. Mott. The company consists of two divisions; the Industrial Division which produces large chemical filtration systems and specialty porous devices, and the High Purity Division which produces filters for semiconductor quality gases.

Norgren is a world leader in Motion and Fluid Control. Over the years Norgren has grown organically and through strategic acquisitions. They have continually added companies to their portfolio, where they identify differentiated technology and application synergies. By leveraging the capabilities of these acquired companies with the core of what Norgren offer they bring true engineering advantage to our customers. Companies under the Norgren umbrella are Buschjost, FAS, GHR, GT Development. Herion, IMF, Norgren KIP, Norgren Automation Solutions, Norgren Kloehn, Thompson Valves, Watson-Smith, Webber and Nano-Porous Solutions Ltd.

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Fluid Controls represent the Parker Instrumentation Division (Central South & South West UK), and supply a wide range of high quality instrumentation products to suit most fluid connection and control applications. Large stocks of valves, single and twin ferrule fittings, manifolds, tubing and accessories are available for next day delivery. FCL are also approved Parker ultra high purity distributors with most standard product available from stock.

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Perma Pure in the leading innovator in the field of gas sample conditioning. They use Nafion, along with a broad array of technology and expertise, to help customers analyse gas stream samples safely and accurately. Serves a variety of markets including medical, scientific, hydrogen fuel cell and environmental monitoring.

Proportion-Air are recognised global leaders in the industrial controls field, offering a wide range of electronic regulators providing accurate control from vacuum to positive pressures. Available as single or double loop control with boosters for high flow applications, these compact devices can accept a variety of command signals and are immune to shock and vibration.

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Richards Industries is a leading provider of a variety of industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical and food processing industries. The company is made up of the following product lines, Jordan Valve, Bestobell Steam, Hex Valve, Steriflow Valve, Marwin Valve.

Thompson Valves make high quality valves and flow control products which meet all internationally recognised standards. With an extensive product range including pressure regulators, back pressure regulators and dome loaded regulators and dedicated Business Units they can design and manufacture products across the nuclear, oil & gas, petrochemical and marine markets.

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Valex Corp. is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of UHP products used in ultra-high purity gas delivery systems. Valex products have been long established as the components of choice by producers of semiconductors and manufacturers of semiconductor equipment.

Veriflo division of Parker Hannifin is a leading manufacturer of Precision instrumentation valves and regulators. Renowned for their quality and reliability, the Veriflo range has been designed to meet the most stringent needs of industries ranging from Analytical to Offshore. Available in a choice of materials and suitable to be used within many liquid and gas applications, the range includes single stage, two-stage, heated and changeover regulators, as well as a vast selection of diaphragm valves.

WA Kates manufacture a range of automatic flow rate controllers which have been applied to a wide variety of liquid and gas applications. Sizes are available from 1/4” to 4” and automatically compensate for changes in supply & discharge pressures.

WIKA are at the forefront of technology in manufacturing high purity pressure gauges and transducers for use in the semiconductor industry. Also included in the portfolio are a range of temperature and pressure transducers and quality industrial gauges ranging from vacuum to high pressure.

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