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Fluid Controls is now the sole UK distributor of Proportion-Air products. Their large family of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves can be matched to your exact application requirements. Whether you have specific package dimensions, housing requirements or an uncommon electrical interface, Proportion-Air has a product family to match your application.

Proportion-Air goes where others fear to tread; vacuum control, vacuum through positive pressure, absolute pressure, inches of water column, or direct control up to l000psi. These various outputs can be controlled by an equally diverse range of electrical inputs, including: analogue, digital and serial communications.

Proportion-Air Products

Proportion-Air designs and manufactures electronic pressure regulators for a wide variety of applications. Proportion-Air regulators feature pressure controls available for very low pressure applications (down to 0-2 inches of water column); very high pressures (up to 1000psi direct electronic control); high flow rates (up to 4-inch pipe); ultra high resolution (up to 0.005% FS resolution); intrinsically safe (Factory Mutual Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2); and low cost OEM style pressure controls.

We can also offer you the complete range of Proportion-Air flow control valves, which are either closed loop mass flow control valves or open loop variable orifice flow control valves. Proportion-Air offers a complete line of miniature safety regulators designed with safety and performance in mind. They also offer piston and diaphragm pilot operated regulators, as well as control valve accessories including AC to DC power supplies, analogue command signal sources, control valve mounting brackets, pre-wired power cords, ultra-sonic distance sensors, and panel meters.

Featured Product – GP Series high pressure control valve

GP1 High Pressure Valve
High pressure valves can electronically control pressures to 1000psi. Proportion-Air’s GP Series of high pressure control valves does this directly, without the need for a mechanical ratio amplifier. This results in better accuracy and repeatability. The GP series can also pilot operate a volume booster (pilot operated regulator) when high flow rates at high pressure are needed. Pressures above 1000psi are achieved by pilot operating a ratio regulator. While this normally results in a severe accuracy penalty, Proportion-Air utilises an external pressure transducer to close the loop around the actual output pressure of the ratio regulator.

Featured Product – F-Series Electronic Flow Monitor

FR Series Pressure Regulated Flow Monitor
The F-Series Electronic Flow Monitor can be configured to either control or monitor flow. Calibrated ranges can be as low as 2 – 20 SCFH and as high as 250 SCFM. The transducer and controller update time is fast since their circuits are all analogue. The controller can be used for cylinder speed control in place of more expensive electro-mechanical actuators.

They are extremely repeatable and made for an industry environment. The FR flow monitor is a pressure
regulated mass flow transducer which provides flow measurement in real time, less than 10ms. There are no moving parts and it is immune to vibration. It is an ideal flow monitoring device where real time flow measurement is critical to a process.

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Speak to us today about our complete range of Proportion-Air products. As the UK’s sole Proportion-Air distributor, we can help you to select the most appropriate electronic air pressure regulator or air flow control valve for your application. Call us on +44(0)118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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