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How does an air pressure regulator work?

Air pressure regulators are indispensable components in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings, helping to ensure equipment operates safely and efficiently by maintaining the correct air pressure. By automatically adjusting airflow to the desired pressure, they not only …

Pneumatic fittings

Can Pneumatic Fittings Be Used for Water Applications?

In a wide range of industrial and engineering applications, pneumatic fittings serve as the backbone of the smooth operation of machinery and the safe transport of various gases. Pneumatic fittings have carved a niche for their efficiency in air systems, …

What is the difference between a pressure regulator and pressure relief valve

How does a pressure reducing valve work?

Pressure reducing valves (PRVs) play an important role in controlling and maintaining the harmony of pressure in various types of systems, from the pipes in your home to the vast networks of fluid, gas, and steam pipes used across many …

Valves for Compressed Air and Pneumatics

What does an actuator do?

Actuators are the unsung heroes of pneumatic systems. These small and simple devices help power your systems by controlling the flow of air and fluids, something we know a lot about. But what does an actuator do, and how does

Check Valve Types

What is a double check valve?

When it comes to fluid control and plumbing, precision is paramount. In fact, without it, you can’t guarantee a product will perform and function as you’d like. Precision is especially important with systems that deal with chemicals, water or any

pressure relief valve

Safety valve vs relief valve – What’s the difference?

Valves are small components with big responsibilities. They are linchpins that keep industrial, commercial and residential operations running smoothly and safely in manufacturing, heating, and many other types of systems. Among the various types of valves available, safety valves and

Model OLS-S/H Optoelectronic level switch

What is a level switch and how does it work?

Level switches, often called level sensors, are an important part of any fluid management and control system, but many operators and businesses do not know how they work. These devices come in many shapes and sizes to suit a range

malema flow meters

How to take a peak flow measurement

What is a peak flow measurement? It is an important part of maintaining and operating any system that involves fluid or gas control. Knowing the peak flow rate through a system allows industries to evaluate their fluid or gas systems,

pressure relief valve

How often should pressure relief valves be tested and replaced?

When it comes to maintaining safety and efficiency within industrial settings, often it seems like a bit of a minefield. Pressure relief valves, however, are the unsung heroes of this. These valves play an important role in safeguarding equipment …

pressure regulator for water

How to install a water pressure regulator

In the busy world of industrial operations, the steady flow of liquid is vital for a range of processes. From manufacturing to energy production, maintaining the right water pressure is important to ensure seamless operations and to prevent any potential