Fluid Controls Ltd is one of the UK’s leading distributors for pressure control


Compressed Air and Pneumatics

Fluid Controls supplies a large range of Compressed Air and Pneumatics products from respected manufacturing giants Norgren. Choose from a number of different exceptional Norgren products, including valves, actuators, pressure switches and fittings. All of which are ideal for a broad spectrum of applications in the industrial automation industry.

Norgren Valves

Fluid Controls can supply a wide range of Norgren Valves. We supply valve islands that are perfect for use on machine installations to reduce assembly and downtime. We stock safety valves that deliver peace of mind in the working environment. While our Norgren range also extends to proportional valves, process industry valves, flow control valves and many more specialist valves.

Norgren Actuators

Fluid Controls supplies a large range of Norgren Actuators, which provide force and motion in industrial applications. Our range of rotary and linear actuators are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit most budgets and specifications. Among our wide selection of Norgren actuators you will find roundline, compact, IVAC, rodless and classic models to name but a few.

Norgren Pressure Switches

Fluid Controls can supply a broad selection of Norgren Pressure Switches. With Norgren’s extensive range of simple yet strong mechanical switches, you can automatically monitor pressure levels in a compressed air system. They can also be used for more complex monitoring functions in hydraulic, air and water applications. Fluid Controls can offer electronic and electromechanical pressure switch models.

Norgren Fittings

When it comes to pneumatic systems, fittings, tubing and accessories are vital because nothing will operate without them. Fluid Controls supplies a large array of Norgren fittings, tubing and accessories, including the enduring Enots compression series. Within our range you will find fittings in a variety of materials, nylon and polyurethane tubing and all manner of accessories, from ball valves to blow guns.

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One of the world's largest valve ranges from Norgren

Fluid Controls can supply a wide range of Norgren Valves. In industrial automation, valves can be as simple or as complex as your application requires. Norgren has one of the world’s largest ranges of valves, ranging from those used in everyday applications to a version with an MTBF value of over 800 years. Norgren has many sub-brands associated with our valve ranges, such as Herion valves, Buschjost valves, Walter, FAS, Webber, Watson Smith, Maxseal,…

Norgren Actuators

Fluid Controls can supply a wide range of Norgren Actuators to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. Some of the actuators that we supply include norgren roundline cylinders suited to lighter duty, lower force applications. We also supply compact actuators, IVAC actuators and more. Find out more about our complete range of Norgren Actuators here.

Norgren Roundline Actuators
Norgren roundline cylinders…

Automatically measure air pressure with Norgren

Norgren pressure switches are used to automatically monitor pressure level in a compressed air system. They can also be used in far more complex monitoring functions in water, air or hydraulic applications. We can offer a wide choice of simple, strong mechanical switches and easily programmable electronic switches. Fluid Controls supplies a complete range of Norgren pressure switches to suit every application.

Norgren Electro-Mechanical…

Norgren Fittings

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of fittings, tubing and accessories from one of the world’s leaders in motion and fluid control, Norgren. Our range of fittings, tubing and accessories come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Find out more about each product here.

Norgren Fittings
Norgren’s range of fittings was designed with reliable operation in mind. As such, their fittings provide minimal leaks…

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