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Level Measurement

If you are looking for Level Measurement devices, Fluid Controls has the ideal solution for you. Our comprehensive range of switching amplifiers, level switches, level indicators and float switches from level measurement experts, WIKA, Norgren and Bürkert, offer exceptional measurement.

Switching Amplifiers

Wika Switching Amplifiers
Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of switching amplifiers from WIKA. The amplifiers are used to amplify the signal processing of the optoelectric instrument transducer model LSO.06. Main features include: separate relays and displays for dry/wet, permanent self-test of instrument transducer wiring and electronic system, test of electronic system and following instruments by pressing the test button.

Level Switch

Wika Level Switch
The successful design and excellent functionality of the WIKA switch family were already confirmed by winning the “iF product design award 2009” for their Model LSD-30 Level Switch. Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of level switches from WIKA and Norgren. Our range of level switches include reliable switches with standard and high-pressure versions, maximum resistance to water and more.

Level Indicators

Model LGG
WIKA’s level indicators are designed for a wide variety of different process connections and materials. Individual design and corrosion resistant materials make the products suitable for a broad range of applications. The indicators also allow for continuous level indication without power supply.

Float Switches

Model SLS
WIKA are leading manufacturers of high quality float switches. Manufactured in a wide choice of materials, the range consists of suspended and magnetic float switches for level measurement for almost all liquid media.

Level Transmitters

Type 8176 - Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Fluid Controls supplies a wide range of advanced level transmitters from Bürkert and Malema. Our high quality level transmitters include everything from non-contact transmitters to ultrasonic transmitters.

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Switching Amplifiers

WIKA are leading manufacturers of high quality Switching Amplifiers. Designed with a number of useful features, WIKA Switching Amplifiers are perfect for self-testing with separate relays and displays for dry/wet.

Model LSO.25 Switching Amplifier
The switching amplifier is mounted in safe areas and operated together with a transducer model LSO.06. The signal circuit is intrinsically safe. The switching amplifier model LSO.25…

Level Switch

WIKA are leading manufacturers of high quality Level Switches. Made with a number of different features, WIKA Level Switches are perfect for the detection of limit levels in liquids with robust LED screens and light receptors.

Model OLS-C20 Optoelectronic Level Switch
The model OLS-C20 Optoelectronic Level Switches are used for the detection of limit levels in liquids. This is widely independent of physical characteristics, such…

Level Indicators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of WIKA Level Indicators. Their superior range of Level Indicators are designed for continuous level indication without power supply and are ideal for applications involving processing water and drinking water treatment.

Model LGG Sight Glass Level Indicator
The main element of the sight glass level indicator is the body. Incorporated into this body are the liquid channel (if necessary…

Float Switch

WIKA are leading manufacturers of high quality Float Switches. Fluid Controls supplies the complete range of WIKA Float Switches, ranging from magnetic to suspended float switches, which are suited for greater solids content.

Model FLS Magnetic Float Switch
A float with a permanent magnet moves reliably along with the liquid level on a guide tube. Within the guide tube is fitted a reed contact (inert gas contact), which is energised,…

Level Transmitters

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Bürkert Level Transmitters. Their superior range of level transmitters are designed for continuous level measurement in open or closed vessels. They are suitable for liquids, but also for solids, in virtually all industries, particularly in water and waste water management.

Type 8176 – Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
The Type 8176 is a non-contact ultrasonic level transmitter, designed…

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