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Gauges and Sensors

Fluid Controls supply a large range of Gauges and Sensors from sensor technology experts WIKA, who produce a wide selection of high-quality Gauge Protectors, Ultra High Purity Gauges and more. As official WIKA distributors, Fluid Controls can provide the complete range of WIKA Sensors and Gauges. Find out more about our WIKA sensor system technology below.

Instrumentation and Process Gauges

WIKA offer a large range of different Instrumentation and Process Gauges. WIKA Gauges cover absolute, differential or high-pressure applications with accuracies to 0.1%. All of these gauges can be equipped with mechanical and electrical accessories, as well as having the ability to be combined with a variety of different diaphragm seal solutions in a number of special materials.

Ultra High Purity Gauges and Transducers

Our Ultra High Purity WIKA Gauges and Transducers have been designed and developed to meet the stringent and exacting needs of the semiconductor market. These pressure gauges can vacuum up to 10,000 psi with face seal, tube stube and modular surface mount connections. WIKA’s ATEX approved electronic pressure transducers also have various electrical connection available, as well as attachable LED displays with switch points.

Gauge Protectors and Accessories

To meet the special requirements of the process equipment and UHP chemical distribution sectors, WIKA have produced a range of stainless steel/PGA gauge protectors, transducers and displays. As well as these premium sensor technology innovations, WIKA also produce alarm contacts and local displays. IP65/678 ratings and ATEX approval for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres are also available.

For more information about our Gauges and Sensors range, please call us on 0118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

Our professional advisers will be only too happy to offer their guidance and will work with you to source the best possible product solution for your application.

Instrumentation and Process Measurement

As respected instrumentation and process measurement suppliers, Fluid Controls stocks a large range of mechanical and electrical instrumentation for even the most demanding measurement applications. We are official distributors of WIKA, world leaders in pressure and temperature measurement. That means that we have full access to their range of first class products, including WIKA Temperature Gauges for a variety of applications.


Ultra High Purity Gauges and Transducers

Market leaders WIKA have a large range of ultra-high purity pressure gauges, ultra-high purity pressure transducers and pressure transducers for precise pressure measurement. Fluid Controls is an official UK distributor for WIKA and can therefore supply all of their reliable and high-quality gauges and transducers for a wide variety of applications.

Ultra High Purity Pressure Gauge – WIKA Hydra-Gauge
WIKA’s Hydra-Gauge…

Gauge Protectors and Accessories

WIKA’s broad range of pressure, temperature and level measuring instruments has a number of different accessories that can be used to enhance their operations. Among their pressure gauge accessories available here at Fluid Controls are gas cylinder scales, overpressure protectors and more. As we are official WIKA suppliers, we can provide their entire accessory range.

WIKA Gas Cylinder Scale
WIKA’s Gas Cylinder Scale is one…

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