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Fluid Controls supplies a large range of Tubing, Tube Clamps, Tube Fabrication tools and more. This range of products comes from Tubing suppliers Parker, Top Line and Valex. Find out more about our Tubing range and equipment, available from Fluid Controls.

Instrumentation Tubing

Parker’s Instrumentation Grade Tube has become the most popular design choice for new Oil and Gas engineering projects. This parker tubing material offers much greater resistance to chloride-induced pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, making it ideal for applications demanding long in-service life in hostile environments.

Parker Stainless Steel Tubing

Valex’s High Purity and Microelectronics Tubing is the most respected in today’s ultra-high purity gas delivery systems. Using a special 316L Stainless Steel for all products, their proprietary surface levelling process removes microscopic burrs, cracks or other defects that could otherwise trap and then release contaminants.

PFA and PTFE Tubing

Partek Atlantic’s line of PTFE Parker tubing is the most flexible product offered in the range. Their PTFE tubing resists corrosive liquids and gases, and has the broadest temperature range of all Fluoropolymer products. This range of tubing has a smooth non-stick surface with low permeability.

Heat Trace and Multitube

Parker’s tubing product line features thermoplastic-jacketed single and multiple metal/plastic tubing bundles, pre-insulated Temptube products, as well as steam and electric traced Temptrace products. The metal tubing used in these bundles can have a working pressure up to 6,000psi. The Temptube products protect against media heat loss while Temptrace products provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance for customer applications.

Tube Clamps

Parker’s Snap-Trap is a clamp that radically simplifies the installation and maintenance of instrumentation tubing. Thanks to its unique one-piece design, it can be fitted or moved in a fraction of the time of competitive systems – minimising labour. Parker’s tube clamps are available in Polypropylene and Aluminium with different designs available with high tensile strength, very high output strength and excellent cold-resistance.

Tube Fabrication Equipment

Parker feels that proper tube selection and installation are key ingredients to building leak-free, reliable tubing systems. Their range contains a full complement of tube cutting, deburring, bending and assembly equipment for use in installing stainless steel and copper tubing systems.

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Instrumentation Tubing

Parker produce many different types of tubing for a number of different materials, applications and medias. Their instrumentation tubing autoclave series is one of the most reliable in the industry and is used all over the world. With its high psi operating capability, and a range of different sizes, this instrument tubing is ideal for all your applications.

Instrumentation Tubing, Autoclave Series – 150,000 PSI
Parker Autoclave’s…

High Purity and Microelectronics Tubing

Industry leader Valex produces ultra-high purity Valex stainless steel tubing. With their 40 years of accumulated experience, they can promise the highest product quality. Fluid Controls can provide Valex’s complete high purity tubing and Microelectronics Tubing product range. Find out more about our range below.

Valex High Purity Tubing
Valex SP-9220 high purity tubing is used for ultra-high purity systems that require the…

PFA and PTFE Tubing

As Fluid Controls are partnered with Parker, we have full access to their complete range of PTFE tubing and PFA tubing. Their PTFE tubing is extremely chemically resistant, which has the lowest coefficient of friction of any plastic. This allows for unrestricted flow without deposit build-up. Parker’s PFA tubing combines both the attributes of PTFE and FEP tubing, and offers a working temperature of 260°C in transparent, almost clear tubing. High…

Heat Trace and Multitube

Parflex, a division within Parker, offer a variety of different parflex tubing bundles in a selection of metal and plastic tubing materials. Pre-insulated and heat trace tubing bundles are designed for use in a variety of analytical and process instrumentation applications. Parker’s heat-traced and instrumentation tubing bundles will save you time and money during installation. Fluid Controls has full access to these products and can supply the complete…

Tube Clamps

As Fluid Controls have partnered with both Parker and Top Line, we have full access to their range of tube clamps and pipe hangers. Parkers’ Snap-Trap is a clamp which radically simplifies the installation and maintenance of instrumentation tubing. Their Parker tube clamps are available in polypropylene and aluminium, with different designs available. Top Line’s high quality pipe hangers and supports are easy to install with ½” to 8” O.D….

Tube Fabrication Equipment

Being partnered with tube giants, Parker, we have full access to their range of tube fabrication equipment. We stock all of Parker’s hose and tube equipment, including tube benders and pipe benders, to help you get the job done. Find out more about these high quality products below.

Parker Cutting and Bending Tools
Parker’s cutting and tube bending tools provide a neat, quick method for cutting tubes at right angles. These…

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