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Tube Fabrication Equipment

Being partnered with tube giants, Parker, we have full access to their range of tube fabrication equipment. We stock all of Parker’s hose and tube equipment, including tube benders and pipe benders, to help you get the job done. Find out more about these high quality products below.

Parker Cutting and Bending Tools

Parker’s cutting and tube bending tools provide a neat, quick method for cutting tubes at right angles. These tools can provide an exact cut with hardened guides. The use of a deeper section saw blade that cut in both directions is recommended for best results. Some of the features of the tools include contour clamping, replaceable guides and the ability to be used with no vice. The tools themselves are light at only 0.7kg.

Parker Tube Benders

Parker’s easy to use hand tube benders are used for soft copper, aluminium and other metal tubing. Their triple header benders have calibrated markings for making accurate left-hand, right-hand and offset bends. Because of its ninety degree start, it requires less effort and makes bending faster and easier. Spring type benders allow hand bending of soft tubing to any shape of choice without collapsing walls and can work with any size wall thickness for copper and aluminium tube.

Parker’s Tube and Pipe Bender Kit

Parker’s Tube and Pipe Bending Kit comes ready with everything you need to bend steel, stainless tubes and pipes up to 2″ O.D. The kit itself utilises a centre push bending method which is easy to master and comes with a convenient bending kit containing the pumps and all the tooling you need to bend tube ¼” through 2” O.D. and pipe ½” through 2” all packaged in a rugged steel box. You can also purchase a separate accessory kit of tooling for bending 10mm through 50mm tube is also available.

Call us on +44(0)118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk for more information about our tube fabrication equipment range.

Tube Fabrication Equipment

Tube Fabrication Equipment

Parker feels that proper tube selection and installation are key ingredients to building leak-free, reliable tubing systems. The range contains a full compliment of tube cutting, deburring, bending and assembly equipment for use in installing stainless steel and copper tubing systems.

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