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PFA and PTFE Tubing

As Fluid Controls are partnered with Parker, we have full access to their complete range of PTFE tubing and PFA tubing. Their PTFE tubing is extremely chemically resistant, which has the lowest coefficient of friction of any plastic. This allows for unrestricted flow without deposit build-up. Parker’s PFA tubing combines both the attributes of PTFE and FEP tubing, and offers a working temperature of 260°C in transparent, almost clear tubing. High Purity PFA is also available to be used in hostile environments where purity is critical.

PTFE Tubing for Electrical Insulation Applications

Parker’s PTFE AWG Tubing is designed for electrical insulation applications and some designs meet UL and CSA certifications. This tubing is available in Standard Wall, Light Wall, Thin Wall and Heavy Wall designs. Some of the features of this tubing include exceptional resistance to extreme heat or cold, chemical and corrosion resistance, the lowest coefficient of friction of all plastic and superior dielectric strength.

PTFE Tubing – Industrial and Heavy Wall

Another type of PTFE tubing from Parker is their industrial and heavy wall tubing. This offers the highest temperature, corrosion and chemical resistance of all the fluoropolymer tubing. Available in standard industrial wall and heavy wall designs, along with many custom sizes to application requirements, Parker’s PTFE tubing is used in extreme environments. This type of tubing is odourless and tasteless, making it ideal for food and beverage applications. It can also resist ultra-violet rays and is self-extinguishing.

Parker Legris PFA Tubing

Parker’s Legris PFA tubing offers 10 times greater durability than other fluoropolymer tubing under the most severe chemical and mechanical conditions. This range of tubing is available in three material grades, which offer perfect compatibility with all applications. This range of PFA tubing is a flexible alternative to stainless steel tubing and has a broad range of working temperatures, from cryogenic to extreme heat. Some of its other benefits include outstanding resistance to ageing, tube marking on request, and non-stick properties allowing conveyance of many fluids and gases.

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PFA and PTFE Tubing

Partek PFA and PTFE Tubing

High purity PFA tubing made from 100% virgin resin has the highest molecular weight available. Partek Atlantic's line of PTFE tubing is the most flexible product offered. PTFE tubing resists corrosive liquids and gases and has the broadest temperature range of all Fluoropolymer products. The tubing has a smooth non-stick surface with low permeability.

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