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Heat Trace and Multitube

Parflex, a division within Parker, offer a variety of different parflex tubing bundles in a selection of metal and plastic tubing materials. Pre-insulated and heat trace tubing bundles are designed for use in a variety of analytical and process instrumentation applications. Parker’s heat-traced and instrumentation tubing bundles will save you time and money during installation. Fluid Controls has full access to these products and can supply the complete range to you.

Electrical Heat Trace Tubing

SL-Temptrace electric heat trace tubing bundles deliver freeze protection and provide low temperature maintenance for gases, liquids and other viscous materials in chemical processing and refinery applications. This product is highly customisable, with a variety of different options available for tubing materials, sizes, wall thicknesses and more. With its flexible, flame resistant PVC jacket, this product offers added protection by way of TPR jacket over the heating cable, to provide additional protection against many inorganic chemical solutions.

Parflex Temptube Tubing

Parflex Temptube is thermally insulated parflex tubing that is protected with a flexible, flame-resistant PVC jacket. This provides an economical method for conveying hot materials and steam through a plant with minimal heat loss. The tubing is available in many different alloys and sizes, which includes metric sizes, to meet a variety of different customer application requirements. For minimal heat loss, the tubing also has air-spaced, cross wrapped applied non-hygroscopic fibre glass thermal insulation.

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Heat Trace and Multitube

Parflex Heat Trace and Multitube Tubing

Parflex The Parflex Division’s Multitube Product line includes tubing products that are used in -320° F Cryogenic applications to system process temperatures upwards of 1000° F. The product line features thermoplastic-jacketed single and multiple metal/plastic tubing bundles, pre-insulated Temptube products as well as steam and electric traced Temptrace products. The metal tubing used in these bundles can have a working pressure up to...

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