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High Purity and Microelectronics Tubing

Industry leader Valex produces ultra-high purity Valex stainless steel tubing. With their 40 years of accumulated experience, they can promise the highest product quality. Fluid Controls can provide Valex’s complete high purity tubing and Microelectronics Tubing product range. Find out more about our range below.

Valex High Purity Tubing

Valex SP-9220 high purity tubing is used for ultra-high purity systems that require the highest grade of materials and certification. This electro-polished tubing comes in a 316L Alloy which is single or double melt, depending on size. The tubing’s sizes include ASTM Tube: 1/8″ to 6″, ASTM Fittings: 1/4″ to 6″ and JIS Pipe: 8A to 300A. All of its components are purged with UHP nitrogen, capped, double-bagged and packaged for shipment in such a manner to prevent damage to the product and primary product packaging.

Valex Stainless Steel Tubing

Valex’s stainless steel tubing 301 product line is used for ultra-high purity systems and comes in a 316L stainless steel alloy. The single-melt alloy can be seamless or welded depending on the size and comes with an ASTM Tube in sizes 1/8″ to 6″. Another feature of the tubing is that the weld ends are suitable for orbital welding. For safety reasons, all components of the tubing are purged with UHP nitrogen, capped, double-bagged and packaged to prevent damage to the product.

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Instrumentation Tubing

Valex High Purity Tubing

Valex produces the most respected tubing in today's ultra high purity gas delivery systems. Using a special 316l SS for all products, their proprietary surface leveliing process removes microscopic burrs, cracks or other defects that could otherwise trap and then release contaminants.

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