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Tube Clamps

As Fluid Controls have partnered with both Parker and Top Line, we have full access to their range of tube clamps and pipe hangers. Parkers’ Snap-Trap is a clamp which radically simplifies the installation and maintenance of instrumentation tubing. Their Parker tube clamps are available in polypropylene and aluminium, with different designs available. Top Line’s high quality pipe hangers and supports are easy to install with ½” to 8” O.D. tubing. Find out more about these products below.

Parker Snap-Trap

Snap-Trap is an innovative tube clamp, which has been designed to radically simplify the maintenance and installation of instrumentation tubing. This model of tube clamp is the ideal solution for anyone looking at corrosion resistant alloys to extend field operation for instrumentation equipment. The clamp’s unique one-piece design is primarily manufactured from 6Mo, which allows quick and easy fitting to cable trays, brackets and angle iron alike.

Parker Tube Clamps

Parker’s range of tube clamps has been designed and produced for the fixing of straight tubes, bent tubes and hoses. Some of their notable features include a high tensile strength, re-set capability, very high abrasion resistance and excellent resistance to cold. The tube clamps are suitable for general hydraulic applications. Their exceptional features make the number of possible applications larger and also lengthens the life-cycle of the tube clamps.

Top Line Pipe Hangers

Having provided stainless steel products for over forty years, it is safe to say that Top Line are experts in their field. In their line-up of products, they offer a number of different innovations, including various styles of pipe hangers that are available with polypropylene inserts or with EPDM grommets to compliment tubing installations. Top Line hangers can be used in a number of different industries, including Dairy, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and more.

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Tube Clamps

Tube Clamps and Pipe Hangers

Snap-Trap is a clamp which radically simplifies the installation and maintenance of instrumentation tubing. Thanks to its unique one-piece design, it can be fitted or moved in a tiny fraction of the time of competitive systems - minimizing labour. Top Line provides high quality hangers and supports. They have rugged, easy to install hangers available from ½” to 8” O.D tubing. When your jobs calls for extra protection of tube or fittings,...

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