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As Perma Pure distributors, Fluid Controls can supply two different series of Perma-Pure Humidifiers. The Perma Pure FC Series operates over a wide range of flow rates and can use either liquid water or a humid gas stream as a source of humidity. While the MH Series uses an exclusive Naflon selectively permeable membrane tubing and liquid water to continuously humidify gas streams.

These humidifiers operate over a wide range of flow rates and can use either liquid water or a humid gas stream as a source of humidity.

Perma Pure FC Series

Perma Pure Humidifiers

Perma Pure’s FC Series of humidifiers offer industry standard performance and unparalleled reliability, as well as an estimated life cycle of up to 20,000 hours. Having been designed to meet the exact requirements of the fuel cell user, these products provide repeatable humidification of air and hydrogen across the specified flow range. Some of the benefits of these Perma Pure humidifiers include the fact that they require no power consumption, are highly efficient and offer self-limiting humidification.

Perma Pure MH Series

Naflon Tubing

Perma Pure’s MH Series of gas humidifiers deliver tube-in-shell moisture exchange that allows the transfer of water vapour between a liquid water supply and a gas stream. They use Naflon tubing and liquid water to continuously humidify gas streams. Some of the standout product features include corrosion resistance, humidity up to 98% RH and flow rates of up to 20 I/min.

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