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Norgren Valves

Fluid Controls can supply a wide range of Norgren Valves. In industrial automation, valves can be as simple or as complex as your application requires. Norgren has one of the world’s largest ranges of valves, ranging from those used in everyday applications to a version with an MTBF value of over 800 years. Norgren has many sub-brands associated with our valve ranges, such as Herion valves, Buschjost valves, Walter, FAS, Webber, Watson Smith, Maxseal, Enots and Martonair.

Norgren Valve Islands

For 20 years Norgren has offered a pre-assembled block which is better known as a ‘Valve Island’. The current series of Norgren Valve Islands that Fluid Controls can offer is the VM and VS series, which offers a choice of products to meet industrial control applications.

Norgren Sub-Base Valves

With Norgren’s Sub-Base valves you can replace valves easier and more quickly, whenever necessary, without disturbing pipe work systems. Norgren offers ranges conforming to ISO 15407-1, VDMA 24563 and 24345. Soft seal and glandless versions cover high flow and extended life options.

Norgren Inline Valves

Norgren inline valves are one of the industry’s leading ranges, with thousands of product combinations. Inline valves are the most popular type of control valve in the industry for simple applications because of their compact and robust design.

Norgren Safety Valves

When it comes to safety, Norgren don’t take any chances. This is why we, and many other industry experts, rate Norgren safety valves so highly. Norgren’s XSz series, for example, fully complies with DIN ISO13849-1 and carry OSHA, BG and CSA approvals. While simpler two hand start units offer simple installation and maximum performance.

Norgren Manual/Mechanical Valves

In traditional installations, Norgren’s range of manual and mechanical valves are often first choice. Their SuperX range (originally an Enots product) have been setting standards for 50 years. Their mechanical heads are strong and robust for industrial use, and smart, compact manual operators can be fitted into control panels.

Norgren Proportional Valves

Norgren has assembled a wide range of proportional valve types, which are used to convert a variable voltage or current signal into a proportional compressed air output and are sometimes referred to as I/P or E/P convertors. Miniature through to intrinsically safe and ATEX versions are available.

Norgren Process Industry/NAMUR Valves

Norgren process valves include highly rated Buschjost valves and Herion valves. Their products cover near enough all process requirements, with the ability to be electrically or pilot operated when handling clean and contaminated fluids. Norgren NAMUR valves can be fitted to rotary actuators or valves having the standard interface.

Norgren Flow Control Valves

If you’re looking for valves that are suitable for a variety of different tubing diameters, and offer high flow performance, then look no further than Norgren’s flow control valves. These flow controls valves can control flow speed easily and effectively.

Norgren Non-Return Valves

Norgren non-return valves are available in threaded aluminium or brass versions. While other further available options include composite material and push-in fittings.

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Norgren Valves

Norgren Valves

In industrial automation, valves can be as simple or complex as required. Norgren has one of the world’s largest ranges of valves ranging from those used in everyday applications to a version with an MTBF value of over 800 years. Norgren has many brand names associated with our valve ranges - Herion, Buschjost, Walter, FAS, Webber, Watson Smith, Maxseal, Enots and Martonair to name but a few. Take a look at the different ranges below: Valve...

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