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W.A. Kates flow controller for flow measurement

How does a flow control valve work?

Flow control valves are vital and essential components of fluid systems and are used to provide precise control over the rate at which fluid can pass through a system of pipelines. You’ll mostly hear about the use of flow control

Process Filters

Types of Industrial Filters

Industrial filters are used to remove impurities and pollutants from fluids, gases, and air in industrial processes. These types of filters are used every day in a range of industries, including manufacturing, beverage, chemical processing, cosmetic, food processing, metalworking, paint

Senscient ELDS open-path gas detectors

How does a gas detector work? Why it could be vital for your fluid controls system

We all know how important it is to be aware of gas. From gas leaks at home to having all the processes and procedures in place in a professional setting, it is important to know your stuff so you can

Flow Controllers

What does flow control do and what are its purposes?

In simple terms, flow control is the term used to describe the regulation of the flow or pressure of liquid. Within fluid dynamics, flow control is a fundamental concept that involves regulating the rate of flow of fluids, most commonly

FC Series Humidifiers

What do air humidifiers do and how can they benefit your system?

While you may be familiar with air humidifiers, you may not be sure what they do and how they work. That’s where we come in! Air humidifiers are devices that add moisture and increase humidity levels in the air. They

WIKA Pressure Transducer

What is the difference between pressure transmitters and pressure transducers?

Pressure transmitters and pressure transducers are similar devices that measure a fluid’s pressure and convert those readings into an electrical signal. They’re so similar that many manufacturers use the two terms interchangeably. However, there are some subtle differences between a …

F9 high purity check valve

What are the different flow control valve types? How to know which are ideal for your application

Flow control valves do exactly what their name suggests: they control the flow of a fluid. However, with so many different flow control valve types to choose from, which is best for your application? Read on to find out more …

pressure relief valve features

The different types of pressure relief valves and their uses

When managing the pressure within your system, there is a vast range of specific valves that can help to control and reduce this pressure. With so many different methods of controlling system pressure, it can be useful to know about

Pipe Fittings

How to loosen metal pipe fittings

It can be incredibly frustrating when a pipe fitting becomes stuck in place. This tends to occur if a piping system has accumulated material or rust that has fixed it in place. Before completely removing a fitting, there are some

What is an oil pressure switch and why might your system need one?

An oil pressure switch is an important component of an engine and is a type of oil pressure sensor. If you’re unfamiliar with oil pressure switches and how they work, this informative guide from Fluid Controls will help you understand.