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Malema Flow Meters

Flow switches and flow meters explained

With so many different types of flow switches and flow meters on the market today, it can sometimes be difficult to select the most suitable product for your application. In this article, Fluid Controls takes a look at the features, differences and advantages of flow switches and flow meters. When you’re selecting flow switches and flow meters, it's useful to know the basics in order to make an informed choice. Let’s take a closer look at both...
Norgren Pressure Switches

Norgren pressure switches and fittings

At Fluid Controls, we supply a vast range of pressure switches and fittings from pressure experts Norgren. In this blog, we look at their product line in more detail, as well as taking a closer look at how Norgren pressure switches work, what pressure switches to use and how they work in conjunction with air compressors. Norgren’s pressure switches and fittings are important components in pneumatic applications as they improve safety and operation....
Flow Switches, Flow Meters and Excess Flow Valves

What is a flow switch? Flow switches and flow meters explained

Choosing the correct flow switch or flow meter for your application can be challenging, especially with the sheer volume of designs on the market. When you’re selecting a flow switch for your application, it’s important to know the basics in order to make an informed decision. Continue reading to find out more about flow switches in this helpful guide from Fluid Controls. What is a flow switch? A flow switch is a mechanical device that’s...
Flow Switches, Flow Meters and Excess Flow Valves

How Does a Flow Switch Work?

Flow switches play a crucial role assisting flow control and measurement in various industries and applications, ensuring the smooth operation and safety of systems that rely on the flow of liquids or gases. From monitoring water flow in plumbing systems to regulating the flow of chemicals in industrial processes, flow switches provide valuable control and protection. In this piece, we will explore the working principles of flow switches, their...
Model OLS-S/H Optoelectronic level switch

What is a level switch and how does it work?

Level switches, often called level sensors, are an important part of any fluid management and control system, but many operators and businesses do not know how they work. These devices come in many shapes and sizes to suit a range of applications, and modern technology is developing new methods of level monitoring and flow maintenance that are adding even more functionality and convenience to level switches. Here at Fluid Controls Ltd, we have...

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