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Norgren Pressure Switches

Norgren pressure switches and fittings

At Fluid Controls, we supply a vast range of pressure switches and fittings from pressure experts Norgren. In this blog, we look at their product line in more detail, as well as taking a closer look at how Norgren pressure switches work, what pressure switches to use and how they work in conjunction with air compressors.

Norgren’s pressure switches and fittings are important components in pneumatic applications as they improve safety and operation. Pressure switches are critical when pressure monitoring for when higher functionality is needed. While fittings are of vital importance because they connect crucial parts together and make them operate more smoothly.

How do pressure switches work?

An electronic pressure switch is a device that is designed to monitor a process pressure and provides an output when a set pressure has been reached. It does this, by applying pressure to either a diaphragm or a piston to generate force. Another use of a pressure switch is to detect the presence of fluid pressure.

Most pressure switches currently use a diaphragm or bellow as the sensing element. The sensing element’s movement is used to actuate one or more switch contact to either indicate an alarm or initiate a control action.

What pressure switch do I need?

In today’s market, there are a variety of different pressure switches that you can select. At the forefront is Norgren’s offer. Fluid Controls is partnered with Norgren, meaning we can supply their complete range. Norgren offers two main types of pressure switches: electro-mechanical pressure switches and electronic pressure switches.

If you are looking for an electro-mechanical pressure switch, we recommend Norgren’s Electro-Mechanical Pressure Switch Pneumatic. With its high number of switching cycles, micro switch with gold plated contacts and its vibration resistance of up to 15g, it is hard to beat.

Electronic Pressure Switches
As well as Electro-Mechanical Pressure Switches, we also stock Pneumatic Electronic Norgren Pressure Switches. These reliable, high-quality Pneumatic Electronic Pressure Switches from Norgren are extremely popular thanks to their impressive features. These unbeatable features include high accuracy and resolutions, switching status that is indicated by LED, multiple versions with analogue output signal on request, and two PNP and NPN outputs.

Pneumatic Electronic Norgren Pressure Switches

How a pressure switch works on air compressors

When it comes to air compression, air compressor pressure switches are necessary components in any set-up. The main reason they are recommended is they help to measure the pressure inside your air tank. It is then used to switch off your compressor when your air tank reaches the desired air pressure.

Another advantage is that an air compressor pressure switch will allow you to go about your work in confidence, as it helps your machinery maintain the correct pressure level. The switch also has the ability to turn on your compressor when the tank air pressure levels have dropped and there is a need for more air.

Norgren fittings

Norren has one of the widest ranges of fittings available in the industry. Their product portfolio includes composite, push in, pneumatic compression fittings and more. Two of their better known fittings are their push in pneumatic fittings and pneumatic compression fittings.

Their range of push in pneumatic fittings are compact units featuring retained collets and positive tube anchorage. Further features include silicone free O-ring seals; easy tube insertion for fast assembly; reliability; and corrosion resistance. They can be used for quick and simple assembly of pneumatic circuits.

Push In Pneumatic Fittings
Another series of Norgren Fittings are their pneumatic compression fittings. These are ideal for most industrial applications with their rugged and durable materials. They have a wide range of different types and sizes. They come supplied assembled with tubing sleeves, nuts and appropriate seals.

Pneumatic Compression Fittings
Speak to a Fluid Controls adviser today about our complete range of Norgren pressure switches and fittings by calling +44 (0) 118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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