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Porter Mass Flow Controllers

Our Guide to Mass Flow Controllers

Porter and Bürkert, two of our leading suppliers, offer the most comprehensive range of Mass Flow Controllers to suit all types of applications. As a trusted UK distributor, Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Mass Flow Controllers. In this blog, we outline some of the features of Mass Flow Controllers and explain how they work. How Mass Flow Controllers work Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) are used to measure and control the flow of...
Automatic Flow

Maintain a constant flow rate with the Kates Flow Rate Controller

If you have ever wondered how to maintain flow rates effectively, we have compiled a handy guide that explains how it all works. In this article, we also take an in-depth look at the functions and advantages of the Kates Flow Rate Controller. Automatic Flow Rate Controllers Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of Kates flow controllers. Their superior range of automatic flow rate controllers can be successfully applied to a wide variety of...
How do Mott Flow Restrictors work

Our guide to Mott Flow Restrictors

Here at Fluid Controls we can supply a complete range of Mott Flow Restrictors. Our Mott precision porous metal flow restrictors are reliable, cost-effective replacements for mass flow controllers, orifices, capillaries, or micro-metering valves. The pay-off for you is constant gas flow at a given gas pressure, without worries about clogging and without having to design for wide variations in flow. In this blog, we’ll give you an in-depth look...
WA Kates Flow Controller

Why flow control is important in hazardous environments

All industries that require the delivery of gas or liquid media for chemical processes use flow controllers. However, when processes occur in potentially hazardous environments or involve volatile gasses or liquids, flow control becomes crucial. In this article, Fluid Controls discusses the importance of flow control in hazardous work environments and how to manage hazard prevention with flow controllers. Before we begin, let’s consider which...
WA Kates Flow Controller

Products to help maintain a constant flow rate

Here at Fluid Controls, we are reputable stockists of flow rate measurement devices. If you are striving to achieve a consistent rate of flow, we can help identify the right flow controller for your application. In this article, we will cover which of our flow control and measurement products can best help you maintain constant flow rates. Before we begin discussing products, let’s briefly cover how to maintain flow rate. How to maintain flow...
WA Kates Flow Controller

Three trends shaping the future of the wastewater industry

The world is changing and we must change with it. That is as true for industrial water and wastewater as it is for any other industry. Advancements in technology and increasing environmental issues are contributing toward the need for evolution. Fortunately, all signs point towards a sustained growth. In this article, Fluid Controls examines which trends are shaping the future of the wastewater industry. Key wastewater industry trends The changing...
Mass Flow Controllers

How do Mass Flow Controllers work?

Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) are useful for measuring and controlling the flow of liquids and gases. Commonly employed across a wide range of semiconductor, industrial and laboratory applications, MFCs offer low flow accuracy, repeatability and relative immunity to temperature and pressure fluctuations within the inlet flow. Here, Fluid Controls explains how Mass Flow Controllers work and spotlights our leading MFC suppliers. What is a Mass Flow...
Burkert Process and Control Valves

What is process control?

Process control covers a variety of disciplines and technologies. It could be mass flow, pressure, fluid flow, temperature or position. Principles of process control follow the same rules of measurement followed by adjustment of a process variable to maintain control of the process. The more accurate the control, the higher quality the end product and, more importantly, the higher the profitability. Read on to find out more, as we explain the...
Flow Controllers

What does flow control do and what are its purposes?

In simple terms, flow control is the term used to describe the regulation of the flow or pressure of liquid. Within fluid dynamics, flow control is a fundamental concept that involves regulating the rate of flow of fluids, most commonly liquids or gases, through a specific system.  In this article, the expert team here at Fluid Controls has put together this helpful guide on what a flow control system does and how it functions within industrial...

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