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Fluid Controls works with the best instrumentation and pressure control suppliers

Fluid Controls is one of the UK's leading distributors of high quality instrumentation and pressure control equipment. We represent many worldwide recognised companies, the largest being Parker Hannifin’s Instrumentation Division and their complete range of instrumentation tube fittings such as A-lok and CPI; valves such as ball, plug, needle, metering, check and relief valves; and manifolds such as the H series and the Hi Pro range. The best...
Parker A-lok Tube Fittings

A-LOK Tube Fittings from Parker

Fluid Controls is proud to supply Parker’s A-LOK two ferrule compression tube fittings. These highly configurable tube fittings provide exceptional leak-free connections and come in a wide range of sizes and corrosion resistant materials. What are A-LOK tube fittings? Parker’s A-LOK tube fittings are designed to provide reliable leak-free connections for instrumentation, process and control, and analyser applications. Manufactured to the...
Pipe fittings

Instrument Pipe Fittings from Parker

Parker has been providing dependable fluid power technology since 1929. Much of this pipe fittings manufacturer’s expertise lies with their precision-made industrial and general purpose fittings, which is why Fluid Controls recommends their products. With more than 80 years of experience in product design, engineering, applications technology and manufacturing, Parker leads the industry in delivering high quality pipe fittings for a diverse...
Parker face seal fittings

Ultra High Purity Fittings from Parker

If you have an application that requires high purity fittings, Fluid Controls has the perfect solution for you. Our Ultra High Purity fittings include face seal, Buttweld and MiniButtweld fittings that are electro polished and cleaned to provide the highest standards. Our range of Ultra High Purity (UHP) fittings from Parker Vacuseal, TK Fujikin and Valex covers the complete spectrum of face seal fittings, Automatic Buttweld and MiniButtweld...
Burkert check valve

What is a check valve?

If you’ve ever wondered what check valves are and how they work, we’ve compiled a handy guide that explains check valve functions, types, applications and some of the high quality Parker and Bürkert valves available from Fluid Controls. Definition of a check valve A check valve, non-return valve or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction thereby preventing any backward...
Pneumatic fittings

Push-fit fittings from Parker and Norgren

Our push in fittings from Parker and Norgren are designed to make your life easier. These user-friendly fittings promise quick and reliable leak-free connection and disconnection without the need for tools. Our broad range of user-friendly push-fit fittings from Parker and Norgren covers a wide variety of materials and connections. The real advantage though is their tool-free installation, which will save you that most precious of commodities:...
Needle valve

What is a needle valve?

Needle Valves allow for precise regulation of flow, albeit generally at relatively low flow rates. In this article, Fluid Controls gives you an overview of the function, design and applications of a needle valve, and highlights some of our popular needle valves from Parker. A typical Needle valve design features a tapered pin to gradually open a space for fine control of flow, which can be controlled and regulated with a spindle. A needle...
What is a Double Block & Bleed Valve

What are double block and bleed valves?

Parker Hannifin offers the most comprehensive range of two valve block and bleed manifolds to suit all types of applications. As a trusted UK distributor, Fluid Controls can provide the complete ‘H’ Series range to you. In this blog, we outline some of the popular different models and their features. What is a double block and bleed valve? Double block and bleed valves replace traditional techniques employed by pipeline engineers to generate...
What is a Valve Manifold

What is a Valve Manifold?

If you’ve ever wondered what a valve manifold is and how they work, then Fluid Controls can give you some pointers in our latest blog. Here, we’ll talk you through the design and functions of regular valve manifolds, as well as explaining their advantages and some of the key features of our range of manifold products from Parker. Understanding valve manifolds Firstly, we must gather a basic understanding of what a valve manifold is. A manifold...
Parker Pro-Bloc Manifold

Introducing the Parker Pro-Bloc Manifold

Parker’s Pro-Bloc Manifold allows you to combine several valves within a single manifold, providing a one-piece solution that reduces leak paths and installation costs. In this blog, Fluid Controls explains the features and benefits of specifying a Parker Pro-Bloc Manifold for your application. All of our double block and bleed valve manifolds are from the Parker range. Here, we concentrate specifically on the features and advantages of their...

First look at Parker’s new products for 2017

After Parker’s successful 2016, this year is set to be another productive one for Parker. In our latest brand driven article, Fluid Controls gives you a look at some of Parker’s new product ranges for 2017, including their exceptional high-quality Parker Fittings and Parker Adapters. As we are partnered with Parker Fluid Controls can provide their full range of fittings, adapters and more. New Parker Products for 2017 Parker’s new product...

Pressure Regulators from Parker

In our latest product driven article, Fluid Controls gives you an insight into our various models of Pressure Regulators from industry experts Parker and their subdivision Veriflo. As we are partners with Parker, we can supply their entire high quality range of Parker Pressure Regulators, Parker Filter Regulators and Veriflo Inlet Pressure Regulators. Why choose Parker Pressure Regulators? Parker has been established for over 100 years and is a...
Parker electro pneumatic regulators

Introducing Parker’s EPP range of regulators

Fluid Controls gives you an insight into our various models of pneumatic regulators from industry experts Parker, in our latest product focussed blog. As we are partners with Parker, we can supply their complete range of exceptional electro-pneumatic regulators. Electro-pneumatic regulators from Parker Parker offers a variety of different electro-pneumatic regulators that can be used for a number of applications in a variety of different systems...
Balston air dryers and filters

Introducing Balston’s range of filters and air dryers

In our latest article, Fluid Controls gives you an insight into our various models of Balston filters and air dryers. Being partnered with Balston, we can provide their entire range of Balston Filter Products. Who is Balston? Parker Balston is a division of Parker and has been providing engineered solutions for a wide variety of markets for over 30 years. Balston’s main focus is filtration and air products, providing compressed air filters, air...
Parker high pressure relief valves

Parker HPRV User Guide

A Parker High Pressure Relief Valve (HPRV) is an automatic protection mechanism, most commonly used for process instrumentation systems. As an important pressure safety mechanism, it is important that the relief valve is correctly maintained, to ensure effective machinery operation. This Parker HPRV user guide has been designed to help you correctly choose a high-pressure relief valve, by offering helpful information regarding the features and...
Parker high pressure relief valves

Fluid Controls stock of Pressure Relief Valves

What is a pressure relief valve A pressure relief valve is a safety mechanism used to relieve intense pressure when systems reach a certain point. This open-close feature is an easy way to avoid accidents and quickly restore normal pressure levels. At Fluid Controls, we distribute only the best pressure control products throughout our entire product range. The only supplier we use for relief valves is the reputable Parker Hannifin and their Parker...
Check Valve Types

Why use high purity check valves from Parker Veriflo?

Parker Veriflo produces the highest quality check valves for every application, including the best-selling and highly versatile F9 high purity check valve. In this blog, Fluid Controls explains the revolutionary technology behind the F9 series and why you should make them your valves of choice. What is a high purity check valve? Check valves are an extremely unique product because they are totally self-reliant and do not need to be...

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