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Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges

How to Choose the Right Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauges measure the pressure in either a compressed gas or liquid and are imperative to many applications and processes. They are utilised across a wide range of industrial and general industries. For example, pressure gauges can be used to check tyre pressure but are also highly effective in more specialised fields, such as monitoring gas cylinders in a plant. With such a vast array of pressure gauges available, not to mention the huge amount...

What role do back pressure regulators play in electrolysis?

Back pressure regulators (BPR) play an important role in the control of fluid pressure, but what role do they play in electrolysis pressure control? Read our helpful guide below to learn more about back pressure regulators and electrolysis. What is a back pressure regulator? A back pressure regulator is a device that maintains a defined pressure upstream of its own inlet. When fluid pressure in the process at the inlet of the regulator exceeds...
Types of pressure gauges

How Do Oil Pressure Gauges Work?

Oil pressure gauges play an important role in a range of industries. They are designed to measure the pressure of oil and provide valuable feedback to engineers and other staff members on the work floor. Oil pressure gauges are commonly used in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, marine, and industrial applications. We’ve put together this helpful article on oil pressure gauges, how they work, and their key benefits. Keep reading to...

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Level Switch vs Level Transmitter

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