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Industrial Humidifiers

Perma Pure PD Series

Gas conditioning and sampling made easy

Fluid Controls are proud to say that we stock a large amount of high quality gas conditioning and sampling products from Perma Pure and ADI. In this blog, we give you an overview of the functions and advantages of our gas conditioning and sampling range. All of our dryers, humidifiers and sampling pumps are from Perma Pure and ADI. Here, we concentrate specifically on the features and advantages of their exceptional products. Perma Pure’s MD...
FC Series Humidifiers

What do air humidifiers do and how can they benefit your system?

While you may be familiar with air humidifiers, you may not be sure what they do and how they work. That’s where we come in! Air humidifiers are devices that add moisture and increase humidity levels in the air. They are most commonly used in offices and homes to provide a more comfortable environment by combating dry air.  It is important that you use a device such as an air humidifier to combat dry air as exposure to very low humidity...

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