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Back pressure regulators

Pressure relief valve vs back pressure regulator

What is the difference between a pressure relief valve and a back pressure regulator? In this blog, Fluid Controls will outline the key features and benefits of each to help with your buying decisions. What is a pressure relief valve? A pressure relief valve is a safety feature that automatically opens when the pressure of the system gets too high. The valve opens, giving the pressure a release point, then closes when the levels return back to...

Why choose a pressure regulator from Welker?

Welker has provided some of the most reliable and innovative solutions to the global oil and gas industry over the last 65 years. They’ve patented over 80 solutions for a variety of challenges within the oil and gas sector, including the IRA Automatic Insertion Probe Regulator and WelkerScope for pipeline inspection. Here, we’ll be taking a look at their pressure regulator range and explaining why a Welker regulator is a wise investment. What...
Pressure regulators

Which Thompson regulator is right for your application?

Thompson Valves have a regulator for every application. But which Thompson pressure regulator is right for you? In this blog, we take you through the top Thompson pressure regulators in the Fluid Controls range, to help you find the most suitable product for your specific application. Spring Loaded Thompson Pressure Regulator Are you looking for a spring-loaded Thompson pressure regulator? We have several innovative products for you to choose from...
Back pressure regulators

How a Back Pressure Regulator Works – An In-Depth Guide

Here at Fluid Controls, we are experts in all aspects of fluid handling. This enables us to supply an extensive range of back pressure regulators from some of the world’s industry-leading manufacturers.  From Equilibar’s sensitive high-performance back pressure regulators, right the way through to spring-loaded high-pressure back pressure regulators from Thompson, Dutch Regulators and Burling Valves, we have an extensive portfolio of...
Back pressure regulators

Why control pressure with a pressure regulator?

Pressure regulators are extremely important to the safe running of applications that use gases and liquids under pressure. Pressure regulators are valves that work by cutting off the flow of a gas or liquid when it hits a certain pressure. They are found in many common home and industrial applications, and therefore it is important to control pressure with a pressure regulator to maintain a safe environment. How do pressure regulators work? A pressure...
Electronic pressure regulators

All you need to know about electronic pressure regulators

In recent years, electronic pressure regulators have really come into their own. They offer higher pressure, more flexibility and extra robustness compared to previous technologies. That’s why here at Fluid Controls we supply a wide variety of electronic pressure regulators from brands such as Proportion Air, Parker Lucifer and Equilibar. In this article, we will outline all you need to know about electronic pressure regulators. How do electronic...
Back pressure regulators

An Introduction to Equilibar Pressure Regulators

Fluid Controls has a reputation for providing exceptionally high standard equipment to a variety of industries. Our stock of Equilibar pressure regulators function at a remarkable level and have provided ground-breaking inventions for the future of pressure regulators. Here you can find out more about the function of an Equilibar pressure regulator and seek advice on which series is best suited to your needs. Who are Equilibar? Equilibar is a renowned...
Equilibar pressure regulators

Why choose an Equilibar pressure regulator from Fluid Controls?

Fluid Controls is a distinguished UK-based Equilibar pressure regulator supplier. Here you can find 10 reasons why you should invest in an Equilibar pressure regulator from Fluid Controls and the benefits an Equilibar pressure regulator can give your business.  What does Equilibar offer? The Equilibar pressure regulator range has exceptionally high performance levels and remarkable precision, which are major contributors to Equilibar’s reputation...
Pressure regulators

What is the difference between a relieving and a non-relieving regulator?

In this blog, Fluid Controls discusses the difference between relieving and non-relieving pressure regulators and the advantages of both options. The difference between a relieving and non-relieving regulator When the pressure in a system becomes too high, a relieving regulator stops the flow of the pressure and opens a vent, which allows the pressure to escape. The vent stays open until the levels of pressure within the system return back to normal,...
Norgren airline filter regulators

How important are filter regulators in air preparation applications?

The short answer, is ‘very’. Using a filter application in an air preparation article will help to save your business money, and will keep your energy usage down. Here’s why you should think twice about skipping a filter application. A filter application helps to keep costs down In any business, keeping unnecessary costs down, is a fundamental element to its’ success. Across chemical, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, the pressure...
Pressure Regulators UK

How does a pressure regulator work?

How does a pressure regulator work? Pressure regulators are one of the most common devices used in both home and industrial applications. Whether it is within medical equipment where the regulation of oxygen and other gases are required or within pneumatic actuation systems where they regulate compressed air, the function of pressure regulators is pretty much the same. So how does a pressure regulator work? In this latest article, Fluid controls...
Parker air filter regulators

Parker Filter Regulator Catalogue

Fluid Controls stocks a wide range of FRL units by Parker. These combination filter/regulators and lubricators can be used across many industries, including the Process and Energy industries. At Fluid Controls, we offer a range of FRL units by Parker, including a selection of air-line, pressure high flow and single phase regulators. These Parker FRL units are recognised around the world for their performance, resilience and dependability. They are...
Norgren airline filter regulators

Fundamentals of Airline Filter Regulators

Airline filter regulators are imperative to the smooth running of many components that impact a system’s operation, such as valves and cylinders. When air leaves a compressor it is wet, hot and dirty. This can badly damage and shorten the life of downstream equipment. Before the air can be recycled and reused it must be filtered, regulated and lubricated. In this article, Fluid Controls will discuss the features of a filter regulator and talk you...
Veriflo back pressure regulators

Back pressure regulators from Veriflo

In our latest product-focused article, Fluid Controls gives you an insight into our various models of Veriflo back pressure regulators. As we are partnered with Veriflo, we can supply their entire range of high-quality Veriflo regulators. What are back pressure regulators, and in what industries are they used? Back pressure regulators are versatile control valves used in various industries for precise pressure control. They are essential in chemical...
Parker filter regulators

Pressure Regulators from Parker

In our latest product driven article, Fluid Controls gives you an insight into our various models of Pressure Regulators from industry experts Parker and their subdivision Veriflo. As we are partners with Parker, we can supply their entire high quality range of Parker Pressure Regulators, Parker Filter Regulators and Veriflo Inlet Pressure Regulators. Why choose Parker Pressure Regulators? Parker has been established for over 100 years and is a...
Pressure Regulator

Introducing Thompson Valves pressure regulators

Here at Fluid Controls, we supply a large array of pressure regulators from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry including Thompson Valves. In this blog, we give you an in-depth look at their exceptional range of Thompson Valves Pressure Regulators and explain why a pressure regulator is important in hydraulic systems. As Fluid Controls are partnered with Thompson Valves, we can provide their full range of pressure regulators. Pressure...
Equilibar Pressure Regulator – Ultra Low

Take a look at our new range of Equilibar Pressure Regulators

Being one of the leading pressure regulator suppliers in the USA, Equilibar supply a large range of different regulators, specialising in high-performance back pressure regulators and vacuum regulators. Here at Fluid Controls, we are proud to supply the range of equilibar back pressure regulators. Pressure Regulators from Equilibar Equilibar Pressure Regulators have some key advantages, making them an exceptional range of pressure regulators...
Water Regulators

Keep it clean with Bürkert’s water pressure regulators

Here at Fluid Controls, we supply a large range of pressure regulators from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry: Bürkert. One of their most reliable products is their top of the range Type TFU006 Bürkert water pressure regulator. In this blog, we will look further into this reliable water regulator range, which is available from Fluid Controls. Bürkert Water Pressure Regulators Bürkert's Type TFU006 is a water pressure that...
Bürkert Pressure Regulator

Introducing our full range of Bürkert pressure regulators

Here at Fluid Controls, we supply a large range of pressure regulators from some of one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, Bürkert. One of their most popular products is their top of the range Bürkert pressure regulators. In this blog, we will look further into this reliable range and explain how pressure regulators work and what they are.  How do pressure regulators work? A pressure regulator works by matching the flow of a...
Introducing our complete range of pressure regulators

Introducing our complete range of pressure regulators

Here at Fluid Controls we supply a large range of pressure regulators from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We stock pressure regulators from the likes of Norgren, Thompson Valves, Dutch Regulators and Jordan Valve. If you require a backpressure regulator, dome or air loaded regulator, blanketing or low-pressure regulator, or a sanitary regulator – Fluid Controls has the ideal solution for your application. Our range...

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