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Solenoid Valves

Here at Fluid Controls, we supply a range of Parker solenoid valves from their Fluid Control Division, Parker Lucifer. Solenoid control valves from Parker Lucifer are available in a variety of models. From pilot operated solenoid valves to stainless steel solenoid valves, we can provide high-quality flow control valves for all industrial applications. Fluid Controls also stocks Parker Lucifer’s range of 2, 3 and 4-way solenoid valves, as well as a variety of multipurpose direct and pilot operated solenoid valves.

Parker solenoid valves

Part of our range of valve types, Parker Lucifer solenoid valves provide industrial and process applications with a high-quality flow regulator that guarantees safety and reliability. Parker Lucifer solenoid valves are ideal solutions for flow control within applications that primarily deal with liquids and gases. These high-quality, high-pressure solenoid control valves can be manufactured from either brass or stainless steel, depending on your application requirements.

The modular concept of Parker Lucifer solenoid valves is in line with many application types within challenging environments, particularly those that require explosion-proof protection classes. Parker Lucifer’s range of solenoid control and operated valves also extends to versions requiring pneumatic actuation, as well as both pipe mounted and NAMUR solenoid valve models. For enhanced functionality, these Parker solenoid valves can also be supplied with a choice of unique coils and housings upon request.

Features and benefits of Parker solenoid valves

  • Solenoid control valves from Parker Lucifer are compatible with a wide range of aggressive media types, such as glycol solutions, demineralised water, hot water and steam.
  • Solenoid operated valves from Parker Lucifer are mountable in any position, ideally with the coil vertical above the body.
  • Stainless steel solenoid valves from Parker Lucifer feature FKM seals and a choice of either copper or silver shading rings.
  • Parker Lucifer solenoid valves are manufactured with attention to detail to provide industrial and process applications with robust performance and fast switching.

Applications of Parker solenoid valves

  • Process industry
  • Water and wastewater
  • Acid and aggressive media

Parker 2-way solenoid valves

Fluid Controls can provide your business with a range of 2-way Parker Lucifer solenoid valves. Designed for direct operation within industrial applications that require safety and reliability, Parker Lucifer 2-way solenoid valves can be operated as closed or open, depending on your requirements.

The bodies of this Parker solenoid valve type are made from either brass or stainless steel, depending on your preference. Compatible with most gases and liquids, Parker Lucifer 2-way solenoid valves can be supplied in a range of sizes from G1/8 to G3 and perform optimally with pressure ratings of up to 100 bar.

Parker 3-way solenoid valves

For dealing with pneumatic requirements, Fluid Controls also offers Parker Lucifer’s 3-way solenoid control valves. Three-way direct solenoid-operated valves from Parker Lucifer can be manufactured from either brass and stainless steel. This Parker solenoid valve type is capable of providing flow control for all types of liquid and gas applications, delivering long life expectancy, as well as fast response times and low lubrication.

Parker actuator solenoid control valves

For the precise control of pneumatic actuators within the process industry, Fluid Controls can supply Parker Lucifer actuator solenoid valves. Manufactured from 316L stainless steel, this series of Parker actuator control solenoid valves includes both pipe mounded and NAMUR compatible models.

These Parker Lucifer solenoid valves are ideally suited for the control of either single or double-acting pneumatic cylinders, as well as other pneumatic actuator types. Available in both 3/2 and 5/2 configurations, these stainless steel solenoid valves from Parker Lucifer come equipped with orifices in both 4mm and 8mm for additional functionality.

Parker explosion-proof solenoid valves

Available within Parker Lucifer’s range of solenoid valves is a unique choice of coils and housings. Featuring a modular concept, explosion-proof solenoid valves from Parker Lucifer meet various protection classes for hazardous applications. Parker’s full range of explosion-proof solenoid control valves all conforms to the latest ATEX standards, as well as full European, U.S NEMA and UL standards.

Solenoid valve manufacturers

As a leading UK distributor of pressure control equipment, Fluid Controls only works with the best solenoid valve manufacturers. Our partnership with Parker allows us to provide countless businesses within the industrial and process sectors with high-quality and high-performance solenoid valves from Parker Lucifer.

To discuss your Parker solenoid valve requirements with a member of our sales team, call Fluid Controls on +44(0) 118 970 2060, email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk or complete our contact form online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

parker Lucifer solenoid valves

Parker Lucifer Solenoid Valves

Fluid Controls supplies a wide range of high quality Parker Lucifer solenoid valves to suit a broad range of fluid control applications. As leading distributors of Parker valve products, Fluid Controls offers an extensive selection of the Parker Lucifer solenoid valve catalogue. Below, we offer more information about the range of Parker solenoid valves, available to purchase from Fluid Controls: • 2/2 way valves 2-way acting solenoid valves...
maxseal solenoid valve ico4s

Maxseal Solenoid Valves

Maxseal solenoid valves are a range of top-quality stainless-steel solenoid valves. Acting as an umbrella brand of the popular engineering and manufacturing giants Norgren, Maxseal produces solenoid valves that promote reliability and durability. Well known for performing immensely well in extreme and hazardous environments, Maxseal solenoid valves have been installed in plants all over the world for many years. Although traditionally associated...
Solenoid Valves

Parker 2-way solenoid valves

For high-pressure process applications requiring flow control, Parker 2-way solenoid valves provide reliable actuation via a pilot or remote signal. Part of our solenoid valves range, these 2-way, normally closed solenoid valves come from Parker’s instrumentation division, Parker Lucifer. Designed for dealing with liquids and gases, directly operated Parker 2-way solenoid valves can provide your application with high-performance flow control. Parker...
3 and 4 way Solenoid Valves

Parker 3-way solenoid valves

For optimal performance in liquid and gas distribution applications, Fluid Controls offers Parker Lucifer’s complete range of 3-way solenoid valves. Available in either brass or stainless-steel variants, Parker 3-way solenoid valves boast long life expectancy, fast response times and low lubrication requirements. Parker 3-way solenoid valves Parker Lucifer’s 3-way solenoid valves are split into four product categories: ● General application...
Actuator Control Valves

Actuator Control Valves

Parker Lucifer also manufacture a range of 316L Stainless Steel solenoid valves for pneumatic actuator control in process industry applications. This series features both pipe mounted (NPT 1/8, 1/4 or 3/8 size) and NAMUR compatibile model in 3/2 and 5/2 functions with 4mm and 8mm orifice.
Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves

Explosion Proof

Available in the Parker Lucifer product range is a unique choice of coils and housings. This modular concept enables many application requirements to be met especially in the various explosion-proof protection classes. The full range of explosion proof versions conform to the latest ATEX standards. Meets full European standards as well as U.S. NEMA and UL standards.

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