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Relief Valves

At Fluid Controls, we supply only the highest quality products for pressure control for a variety of industries. As the leading distributors of pressure control products, our relief valves are fully certified and top of the range.

What does a pressure relief valve do?

A relief valve is a highly important mechanism, created to protect the system when the pressure becomes too high. The purpose of a relief valve is to stop excessive pressure from building up by opening to give it a release point. When normal pressure is restored, the valve closes to allow the system to continue functioning. Overall, the pressure relief valve function is as a safety device, that is usually the last safety mechanism before accidents would occur. If the pressure relief valve failed, pressure levels would continue to increase and the outcome could be catastrophic.

The pressure relief valve function

Pressure relief valves are a vital part of many systems, and even some that you wouldn’t expect. Even household items such as your boiler, use pressure relief valves to stop them heating up too much and creating a potential danger. Pressure relief valves are also an important factor for industrial applications, preventing major accidents. A high-quality valve is necessary for a consistently functioning industrial system.

Pressure relief valves at Fluid Controls

Fluid Controls are suppliers of quality and innovative Parker pressure relief valves. Making sure your relief valve is high quality and extraordinarily reliable is especially important for industrial applications. Valves need to ensure safety and be completely consistent. Fluid Controls can supply excellent relief valves, that you can trust to withstand the pressure of the industrial environments, a solution for most instrumentation applications.

For more information regarding our relief valves, email us at fluid@fluidcontrol.co.uk or give us a call at 0118 970 2060 to speak to one of our experts. Alternatively, you can download our helpful Parker pressure relief valve frequently asked questions pdf.

Relief Valves

Parker HPRV Series Relief Valve

The aim of a pressure relief valve is to remove overpressure to ensure pressure within a system doesn’t exceed the pilot setting. The Parker HPRV valve operates using the same principle and provides an automatic protection mechanism for process instrumentation systems. The Parker high pressure relief valve is unique due to its ability to operate in an extremely wide pressure range, between (150 to 6000 psi, or 10.3 to 414 bar). The HPRV valve...

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