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Over the past 60 years WIKA has become a global market leader in pressure, temperature and level measurement technology. WIKA offers a range of pressure gauges and transducers that meet the stringent and exacting needs of the semiconductor market. They also produce a large range of stainless steel/PFA gauge protectors, transducers and displays to meet the special requirements of the process equipment and UHP chemical distribution sectors. As official distributors of WIKA products, Fluid Controls can supply their complete range.

Why choose WIKA products?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose WIKA products for your pressure, temperature and level measuring requirements. WIKA promises reliability and efficiency with all their products and use innovative technologies when developing new products and system solutions. They are dedicated to constantly improving pressure, temperature and level measurement technology. They also offer the highest possible safety standards and relevant certifications.

WIKA Level Switch – Model LSD-30 Electronic

WIKA Level Switch


The WIKA Level Switch Model LSD-30 Electronic is an award-winning level switch that comes with an easily readable, robust display and easy, flexible mounting configurations. An advantage of this level switch is its setup, which has been developed to be intuitive and fast. WIKA level switches feature a stainless-steel case and the threaded connection makes over-winding or tearing off the connector virtually impossible.

WIKA Pressure Transducer  – Model TTF-1

WIKA Pressure Transducer


The WIKA Pressure Transducer model TTF-1 is made from a robust stainless steel, resulting in high over-pressure and burst pressure safety. The pressure transducer also offers suitable materials for specific applications if required. Another feature of the pressure transducer is its dry measuring cell, which is welded directly to the pressure connection. As a result of this, the WIKA Pressure Transducer has no weak points.

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