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About Parker

Parker Hannifin has been operating for nearly 50 years in the UK, providing quality services and products to British OEM customers. As leading Parker Hannifin distributors, Fluid Controls supplies a wide range of high-quality Parker Hannifin instrumentation products to suit most fluid connection and control applications.

Fluid Controls are the main representation of the Parker Instrumentation Division (Central South & South West UK) and therefore hold large stocks of valves, single and twin ferrule fittings, manifolds, tubing and accessories, which are available for next day delivery. Fluid Controls is also an approved Parker distributor of ultra-high purity products, with most standard products available from stock.

As Parker Hannifin suppliers, Fluid Controls represents their Lucifer Valve division and their Veriflo division, leading manufacturers of precision instrumentation valves and regulators.

Who is Parker Hannifin?

Parker are leading manufacturers for OEM products, providing the broadest range of products available from any single supplier, for motion and control requirements. The vast product range is supported by expertise in nine major technologies:

• Hydraulics
• Pneumatics
• Electromechanical
• Filtration
• Process control
• Fluid & gas handling
• Sealing & shielding
• Climate control
• Aerospace

Fluid Controls are proud to be leading UK Parker distributors, providing customers with a full system solution and expert advice on their product range. You can browse a selection of Parker products here;
Parker Valves
Parker Regulators
Parker Fittings

Featured Parker Products

As leading Parker Hannifin distributors, Fluid Controls have a number of featured Parker products, available from stock:

• Parker F9 High Purity Check Valve
Veriflo Division’s F9 series check valve is an all welded high purity check valve, featuring a patented asymmetric spring design for a consistently quiet operation. Two seal materials achieve compatibility with all semiconductor gases, reducing inventory requirements. The stainless-steel casing enhances electropolishing and corrosion resistance.

• Parker Instrumentation Fittings
Parker manufacture a range of high quality instrumentation tube and pipe fittings, in a wide choice of materials, to suit various application requirements. Their instrumentation fittings consist of: A-Lok, CPI and MPI.

Speak to us today

Speak to us today about our complete range of Parker Hannifin products. As a trusted Parker Hannifin distributor, we can help you to select the most appropriate Parker product for your application. Call us on +44(0)118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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