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Back Pressure Regulators

As part of our range of pressure regulators, Fluid Controls stocks and supplies back pressure regulators from industry-leading manufacturers, including Parker Veriflo, Equilibar and Thompson Valves. Our back pressure valves are designed for accurate and effective control of inlet, upstream pressure across a variety of industrial applications. Whether you require a reliable back pressure regulating valve to maintain set pressure within water pumping systems, or at the end of a gas tank return lines, our back pressure regulators guarantee results.

Back pressure valves from Parker Verfilo

Our range of back pressure regulators also extends to back pressure valves from Parker’s Veriflo division. As official UK distributors for Parker Veriflo, we can provide businesses with their complete ABP range of back pressure control and regulating valves. Parker Veriflo back pressure valves are designed to improve fluid and gaseous systems performance and productivity with their dependable range of back pressure regulators.  

All back pressure valves from Parker Verfilo’s ABP range incorporate versatile designs for effective control of pressures in a wide variety of environments. From general-purpose back pressure valves with high sensitivity thresholds to multipurpose back pressure valves for use within extreme applications and corrosive media types, Parker Veriflo back pressure regulators are among the most adaptable on the market. 

Our range of Parker Veriflo back pressure regulators include:

  • Parker Verfilo ABP1 series back pressure valves
  • Parker Veriflo ABP3 series back pressure valves

Back pressure regulators from Equilibar

Fluid Controls stocks a range of high-performance back pressure regulators from specialist manufacturers, Equilibar. As the only UK-based Equilibar suppliers, we can supply your business with their full range of exceptional back pressure valves. From the high/low-pressure capabilities of Research series back pressure regulators to the advanced QB series electronic back pressure regulators, Equilibar have the most diverse back pressure valve range on the market today.

Our full range of Equilibar back pressure regulators include:

  • Equilibar Research series back pressure regulators
  • Equilibar GS series back pressure regulators
  • Equilibar QB series electronic back pressure regulators

Back pressure regulating valves from Thompson Valves

As well as back pressure regulators from Parker Veriflo, Fluid Controls can also supply your business with back pressure regulating valves from Thompson Valves. Our range of Thomspon Valves back pressure regulators include both spring-loaded back pressure valves and the popular dome loaded back pressure regulators. Spring-loaded back pressure regulators from Thompson Valves are designed for quick control of inlet pressure across low, medium and high-pressure applications. These back pressure regulating valves are distinguishable by their ability to be manually adjustable for maintaining set pressures of upstream media.

While dome loaded back pressure regulators possess the same performance capabilities as the above back pressure valve type, they are unique in their ability to operate silently. These noiseless back pressure control valves also feature heavy-duty constructions making them suitable for volatile applications.

Our range of Thompson Valves back pressure regulators include: 

Buy back pressure regulators

View our complete back pressure regulator range below, or to discuss your backflow requirements directly, contact Fluid Controls on 0118 970 2060, email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk or complete our contact form and one of our technical experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

equilibar research series

Equilibar Back Pressure Regulators

Equilibar supply a large range of different regulators, specialising in high-performance back pressure regulators and vacuum regulators. At Fluid Controls, we are proud suppliers of Equilibar products and, as the only UK-based Equilibar suppliers, we can provide their full range of exceptional back pressure regulators. Below you can view the full Equilibar GS Series catalogue along with information on the Equilibar back pressure regulator Research...
Parker Veriflo back pressure regulators

Veriflo Back Pressure Regulators

As official Veriflo distributors, Fluid Controls can supply their entire portfolio of reliable and innovative products. This includes their Veriflo back pressure regulators in the Veriflo regulator range. Veriflo promise to improve performance and help regulator productivity with this dependable range of products.  Veriflo back pressure regulator – ABP1 Series   The ABP1 Series of Veriflo back pressure regulators promise precise control...
Burling Instruments BD and BS Series

Burling Instruments BD and BS Series

Burling are a leading manufacturer of process pressure regulators and control valves, suitable for high flow applications. Constructed from a wide choice of materials, in both spring and dome loaded configurations, these units are becoming the industry standard for process control.
Thompson Spring Loaded Back Pressure Valves

Thompson Spring Loaded Back Pressure Valves

Range of valves used for quick and accurate control of inlet pressures. Ideal for low, medium and high pressure applications. Manually adjustable for mainting a set pressure of up stream media.
Thompson Dome Loaded Back Pressure Valves

Thompson Dome Loaded Back Pressure Valves

Thompson offer a 1/2", 1" and 11/2" balanced dome loaded pressure maintaining valves, used for quick and accurate control of inlet pressures. Ideal for high flow and low to medium pressure applications, it is a stable and noiseless valve for maintaining a set pressure of upstream media, its heavy duty construction allows it to be installed in the most arduous environments.

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