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Proportion Air Steam Regulators

Proportion Air are leading global manufacturers of control instrumentation for the industrial controls field and Fluid Controls are proud distributors. Here, we offer more information about Proportion Air pressure regulators for steam.

Uses of steam pressure regulators

Steam systems that have been designed effectively produce steam ready for delivery at high pressure through a distribution network. However, the majority of high pressure application will require a reduction in pressure at the point of use, hence the requirement for a high-pressure steam regulator.

Proportion Air are known around the world for their innovative, high performance range of steam pressure regulators. Commonly used in testing, processing and manufacturing industries, Proportion Air pressure regulators for steam are perfect for demanding applications that require high performance components. These high-pressure steam regulators can also be calibrated to work in various pressure ranges, to meet your requirements.

Types of steam pressure regulators

Proportion Air manufacture a whole host of pressure regulators for steam applications. Below are just two examples of their high-performance steam regulators:

PABS-1 Series
This steam pressure regulator is a direct operated component that can either be internally or externally sensed. It also features an accuracy of ± 7 psi.

• PABD – 3 Series
This pressure regulator for steam is dome-loaded and features a manual air pilot. It is also available as either internally or externally sensed, and features an accuracy of ± 1-2 psi.

Benefits of high pressure steam regulators

Steam regulators control the temperature of saturated steam by controlling precise pressure. Below are just some of the features of a Proportion Air high pressure steam regulator:

• Operational in pressures up to 400 psi.
• Operational in temperatures up to 232 ºC.
• Available in body materials of alloy 20, bronze, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and hastelloy, making for extremely versatile products.
• Available as either 6” or 8” flanges and ½” to 4” bodies.
• High CV valves which allows more flow through smaller valves, ultimately reducing piping costs.
• Seat materials of PTFE, RTFE, Kel-F, EPDM and TFM, meeting a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions.

For more information about Proportion Air steam pressure regulator, contact the team at Fluid Controls today by emailing fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk. One of our technical team members will be happy to assist.

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