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Proportion Air Pilot Operated Regulators

Fluid Controls are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Proportion Air regulators in the UK. Due to our wide product range, we can provide a Proportion Air pressure regulator to meet your exact application requirements.

Proportion Air pilot operated regulators are designed for effective operation in a variety of applications, but specifically in extremely low pressure, high pressure and high flow rate applications. The aim of a Proportion Air is to manufacture industrial and repeatable pressure regulators and pressure control valves, in order to provide a high performance, market leading solution. With this in mind, Proportion Air regulators provide a low maintenance, cost efficient component for a whole host of applications.

How does a pilot operated regulator work?

Pilot operated EPR valves are a type of control valve often used for emergency relief during overpressure events. Typically, a pilot operated regulator will reduce the input pressure of a fluid to a desired level at its output. Proportion air regulators can be used in applications involving both gases and liquids. In gas applications, they match the flow of gas through the regulator to the demand for gas, whilst maintaining a constant output pressure.

Pilot operated control must match the load so, for example, if the load flow decreases, the flow from the regulator must also decrease. Similarly, if the load flow increases, the flow from the regulator must also increase. Proportion Air manufactures a wide range of pilot operated EPR valves, allowing you to choose the product most suited to your application requirements.

Types of pilot operated valves

Proportion Air regulators are a match for almost any demanding industry. As expert distributors of Proportion Air pilot operated regulators, the technical team at Fluid Controls can specify the ideal component for your requirements. Below are just two pilot operated regulators manufactured at Proportion Air and stocked at Fluid Controls:

• QB1X Series pilot operated EPR valves

This Proportion Air regulator series is suited to almost all industrial applications. The PSR is low cost and can be configured to a range of digital and analogue command signals. The QB1X regulator can also be calibrated to any pressure range, from full vacuum to 175 PSI.

• QB4-Series pilot operated EPR valves

The QB4-Series is a high performance, high flow pilot operated EPR valve. These valves are able to achieve flow rates of 200 SCFM forwards flow and 200 SCF exhaust flow.

For more information regarding Fluid Controls’ range of Proportion Air regulators, contact our technical team today by emailing fluid@fluidcontrol.co.uk and one of our technical team will be happy to help.

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