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Electronic Regulators

Fluid Controls can supply a complete range of electronic regulators from some of the industry’s premier manufacturers, including Proportion-Air and Parker Lucifer. Our impressive range includes single or double loop control Proportion-Air electronic pressure regulators and Parker’s EPP range of electro-pneumatic pressure regulators.

Proportion-Air Electronic Regulators

Proportion-Air supplies a broad range of electronic regulators that provide extremely accurate control from vacuum through to positive pressure. These regulators are available in both single or double loop control, with boosters for high flow applications. Proportion-Air regulators benefit from being unaffected by mounting position or vibrations, and they don’t consume air in steady state – reducing operating expense.

Proportion-Air BB1 Electronic Regulator

The BB1 series electronic pressure regulator utilises Proportion-Air’s patented technology for pressure control. It gives an output pressure proportional to an electrical command signal input. The BB1 is a complete closed loop servo system, consisting of valves, manifold, housing and electronic controls. Pressure is controlled via two solenoid valves and monitor options are available for output to a panel meter or for data acquisition.

Parker Lucifer EPP Electronic Regulators

Parker Lucifer manufactures the excellent EPP range of electro-pneumatic regulators. This economic range of digital pressure regulators delivers quick, responsive and accurate control. An integrated electronic control system, and pulse width modulated solenoid valves, control the output pressure proportionally to a digital electrical signal. High precision is achieved by means of an internal feed-back through an integrated pressure sensor.

Parker Lucifer EPP3 Electronic Regulators

The EPP3 Series is a family of electrically remote-controlled pneumatic pressure regulators with closed loop integrated electronic control. It allows to regulate the outlet pressure proportionally to an electrical control signal. The EPP3 regulator comprises a traditional servo-operated pneumatic pressure regulator, where the pilot chamber is fed by one or the other of two pulse width modulated 2-way solenoid valves.

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Proportion Air Electronic Regulators

Proportion Air Electronic Regulators

Proportion-Air was founded in 1985 and is one of the leading manufacturers of both electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves. Fluid Controls offers a large range of high-quality Proportion-Air electronic regulators and air pressure regulators, allowing you to select the most suitable product for your application needs. As Proportion-Air suppliers, Fluid Controls can offer both of the following models of regulators. QB1X Electronic...
Electronic Regulators

Parker Lucifer EPP Range

As Parker Lucifer distributors, Fluid Controls can supply their entire range of products, including Parker pressure regulators. Parker Lucifer manufactures the EPP range of electro-pneumatic regulators, which deliver fast, responsive and accurate control. As Fluid Controls are partnered with Parker Lucifer, we can provide the full Parker Regulator range. Parker Pressure Regulator – EPP3 Series The EPP3 Series of Parker pressure regulators...

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