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What are the different flow control valve types? How to know which are ideal for your application

Flow control valves do exactly what their name suggests: they control the flow of a fluid. However, with so many different flow control valve types to choose from, which is best for your application? Read on to find out more about the various flow control valve types on offer here at Fluid Controls and which applications they stand to benefit most.

What is a flow control valve?

Flow control valves are used to control the flow or pressure of a fluid in pneumatic and hydraulic fluid power circuits. Various flow control valve types are available, which are typically fitted with actuators and positioners to respond to signals from independent devices like flow meters and temperature gauges. Flow control valves vary the flow path’s size according to their specific type of orifice.

There are numerous different flow control valve types available on the market today. Let’s look at some of the most popular flow control valves available at Fluid Controls and their typical applications.

Flow control valve types

The following flow control valve types are available for purchase here at Fluid Controls: 

Ball valves

Ball valves are quarter-turn shut-off valves characterised by a hollow ball that pivots 90 degrees around its axis to open and close the flow. A ball valve may be suitable if your application involves liquids, gases, slurries or corrosive fluids. Our collection of ball valves will satisfy a wide range of flow control applications, with options ranging from miniature ball valves to high-pressure, cryogenic, rotary plug and swing-out ball valves.

Check Valves

Check valves, also known as ‘non-return’ or ‘one-way’ valves, promote the one-way flow of a fluid in a pipeline. Check valves can be utilised wherever backflow protection is needed to prevent equipment damage or contamination. Ensure your flow control system is safe and efficient with uni-directional check valves from Fluid Controls. Our range of Parker check valves offers reliable protection against the risks posed by backflow.

High Purity Valves

High purity valves are used wherever contamination to the flow medium or broader system must be avoided at all costs. Typical applications include food and beverage, pharmaceutical and semiconductor fabrication. At Fluid Controls, we stock a range of ultra-high purity diaphragm, bellows and bulk gas system valves from Parker Hannifin’s Veriflo Division that are internally electropolished to 5Ra for superior sanitary standards.

Metering Valves

Metering valves are designed to deliver accurate and stable flow rate control in analytical, instrumentation and research applications. Achieve exceptional control over your flow rates with Porter metering valves from Parker. Ideal for high-pressure, high-temperature and high-flow applications, our stock of metering valves is available in various connection sizes, body patterns and construction materials to suit your needs.

Needle Valves

Needle valves open or close an orifice using a tapered end that is controlled either manually or via an actuator. Needle valves are ideal for controlling flow in water and gas applications for shut-off or regulating operations. Fluid Controls stocks an extensive selection of stainless steel needle valves from Parker. These are available in various styles, port sizes, temperature capabilities and pressures.

Sanitary Valves

Sanitary valves are designed for flow control applications in clean or sterile processing conditions. Popular in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical and medical industries, sanitary valves offer superior performance in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards. Our collection of sanitary valves is sourced from industry-leading sanitary valve manufacturers, including Bürkert, Top Line and Marwin.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are electro-mechanical valves used to open, close, dose or mix liquids or gases. Solenoids are used wherever automatic flow control is required, such as in HVAC and air compressor systems. Enhance the performance of your industrial operation with reliable solenoid valves from Fluid Controls. Our selection from Parker Lucifer includes everything from pilot-operated solenoid valves to stainless steel solenoid valves.

Buy flow control valves at Fluid Controls

Fluid Controls has been supplying high-quality flow control valves, including gas flow control valve types, since 1988. Our vast range of valves comes from global leaders like Parker, Bürkert and Thompson Valves. As a fully accredited ISO9001:2008 company, we provide a full installation and service facility for every product we supply. We also offer full pressure testing and repairs and in-house or on-site training to optimise your user experience.
For more information about any of our different types of flow control valves, including air flow control valve types, or to discuss your application requirements in more detail, please contact Fluid Controls today on +44 (0)118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk. Our engineers will be only too happy to provide expert support and advice. 

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