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High Purity Valves

At Fluid Controls, we supply a wide range of ultra-high purity valves from an array of respected high purity valve manufacturers, including Parker’s Veriflo and Partek divisions. Our team is trained in all aspects of high purity valves and can assist you with your purchase from start to finish.

Veriflo also offer a range of high purity valves, including ultra-high purity diaphragm valves, bellows and bulk gas system valves with face seal and butt weld connections.

The Partek division of Parker produces a range of chemically inert PTFE valves and PFA valves for applications where safeguarding media purity and corrosion protection is paramount.

Bellow valves and bulk gas valves

Veriflo offer a range of ultra-high purity diaphragm valves including the ultra-high purity (UHP) 700 series high flow valve. This valve offers high purity and high flow for UHP gas distribution systems. The unique design reduces valve weight and, as a result, lowers installation costs. All Veriflo UHP bellows valves use a full flow bore that positions the bellows assembly out of the flow path when the valve is open.

The 600 series bellow valves are manufactured specifically for ultra-high purity gas systems. Veriflo bellow valves are designed with the industry’s leading straight-through full flow. There are no restricted paths or bends that would reduce flow and generate particulate. These features provide the highest gas flow with minimal pressure drop.

PFA & PTFE valves

Partek produces a range of chemically inert PTFE valves and PFA valves for applications where safeguarding media purity and corrosion protection is paramount. PTFE is a fluorocarbon resin that is isostatically compression moulded into various shapes and configurations. It is chemically resistant to all chemicals and solvents with the exception of some molten alkali metals, molten sodium hydroxide, elemental fluorine and certain fluorinating agents. Partek uses PTFE for machining the bodies and components of various valves and manifolds, ensuring chemical resistance and stability at high temperatures.

PFA is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether. The resultant polymer contains the carbon-fluorine backbone chain typical of PTFE but, unlike PTFE, does not require special fabricating techniques. PFA pellets have good melt flow characteristics that allow for processing via extrusion, compression, blow, transfer and injection moulding. It has outstanding chemical and solvent resistant characteristics over a temperature range even greater than PTFE. PFA is offered in various grades of purity and cleanliness, making it the material of choice for the semiconductor market.

High purity diaphragm valves

Veriflo offer a range of high-purity diaphragm valves including the Quantum, Titan and Surface Mount series. The Parker Veriflo Quantum 930 diaphragm valve is designed specifically for ultra-high purity applications, with minimum particle generation and entrapment areas. This diaphragm valve is fully functional from vacuum to 8.6 bar (for air operated) and 17.2 bar (for manual versions). The 930 valve features an internally threadless and springless design with field replaceable seat.

The surface mount HT175 high-temperature air operated diaphragm valve provides exceptional performance for today’s modular surface mount systems that have both high temperature and high flow requirements. The TITAN II® MS manual, springless diaphragm valve is specifically designed for high temperature, high pressure, high cycle and ultra-high purity applications.

F9 high purity check valve

Veriflo Division’s F9 Series Check Valve is an all-welded ultra-high purity valve, featuring a patented asymmetric spring design for a consistently quiet operation. The F9 Series Check Valve offers high Cv (up to Cv = 0.90) in a small footprint to conserve much-needed panel space.

Two seal materials achieve compatibility with all semiconductor gases, reducing inventory requirements. These high purity valves are Class 100 clean room assembled and packaged, while VeriClean™ 316L Stainless Steel enhances electropolishing and corrosion resistance. An electropolished (EP) version for ultra-high purity applications is also available.

For more information on ultra-high purity valves, or to purchase a Veriflo or Partek high purity valve, contact Fluid Controls today on +44(0)118 970 2060 or via email at fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

F9 High Purity Check Valve

High Purity Check Valves

Part of Fluid Controls range of high purity valves, we stock and supply high purity check valves from Parker's Veriflo Divison. The F9 series high purity check valve features an all-welded design and Parker's patented asymmetric spring design, enabling consistently silent operating conditions. To learn more about Parker high purity check valves, download the datasheet below or contact Fluid Controls directly on 0118 970 2060 or email our sales...


Partek produces a range of chemically inhert PTFE and PFA valves, for application where safeguarding media purity and corrosion protection is paramount.
Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm Valves

Parker Veriflo offer a range of Diaphragm Valves, the Quantum, Titan and the Surface Mount series.
Bellows Valve and Bulk Gas Valves

Bellow Valves and Bulk Gas Valves

Veriflo offer a range of ultra-high purity diaphragm, Bellows and Bulk Gas Systems Valves with face seal and butt weld connections.

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