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Check Valves

As part of our valves range, Fluid Controls stocks and supplies uni-directional flow control check valves from Parker’s Instrumentation Division. Our non-return check valves are designed for regulating flow in water and gas applications used in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas production and transmission. 

Non-return check valves

Non-return check valves allow the flow of media in a single direction only. As they are among the most cost-effective flow control valves on the market, check valves provide operators with a reliable means of preventing backflow whilst suitably managing budgetary requirements. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, Fluid Controls’ range of Parker check valves can be fitted into water and gas applications to ensure the medium flows correctly in scenarios where pressure conditions might otherwise cause the flow to be reversed.

Water check valves

Here at Fluid Controls, we can provide businesses with high-performance check valves to deal with a range of water applications. Manufactured from suitable materials for handling liquids and adhering to an array of process requirements, we can supply Parker check valves that are capable of dealing with a variety of fluid requirements. In particular, our high-performance Hi check range is capable of eliminating contamination and removing the risk of leakage within water-based applications. 

Gas check valves

As with our water check valves, Fluid Controls can provide gas check valves manufactured to the highest quality. The stainless steel Parker F9 high purity check valves are compatible with all semiconductor gas applications and processes, including those where produced media must adhere to stringent requirements.

Parker check valves for flow control

While Fluid Controls can supply businesses with check valves to deal specifically with either water or gas applications, most of our Parker check valves benefit from their interchangeability for both media types. As such, our versatile non-return check valves offer superior flow control across different fluid systems and process types.  These Parker flow control valves extend to a wide variety of Parker check valve types including:

  • Parker F9 high purity check valve
  • Parker HI check valve
  • Parker CO series check valve
  • Parker C series check valve

Parker F9 high purity check valve

Parker’s F9 series check valve is an all-welded high purity check valve, featuring a patented asymmetric spring design for consistently quiet operation. The F9 series check Valve offers high Cv (up to Cv = 0.90) in a small footprint to conserve much-needed panel space.

Two seal materials achieve compatibility with all semiconductor gases, reducing inventory requirements. These high purity valves are Class 100 cleanroom assembled and packaged, and VeriClean™ 316L Stainless Steel enhances electropolishing and corrosion resistance. An electropolished (EP) version for Ultra High Purity applications is also available.

Parker HI check valve

Parker’s high-performance HI check series valves offer two options for cold working pressure ratings of Class 2500 and Class 4500, with an opening pressure of 10 psi max. By offering a true two-piece design, body leakage paths are kept to a minimum.

With the added opportunity to select integral compression ends, it is possible to eliminate the use of taper threads and thread sealant. This avoids system contamination, reduces potential leakage paths, weight, space and installation costs.

Parker CO series check valves

Parker’s CO series of uni-directional flow control valves are well suited for controlling both fluids and gases in a wide variety of industries such as chemicals, oil & gas and pharmaceuticals. The CO series check valve is particularly suitable for applications which require high integrity leak rates and re-sealing capabilities.

Parker C series check valves

Comparable to our CO series check valves, Parker’s C series is capable of uni-directional flow control of both liquids and gaseous media types in applications within pulp and paper and power utilities industries. Their distinctive qualities which separate them from their sister model include a resilient, custom-moulded, blow-out resistant seat design. 

The addition of a backstopped poppet also minimises spring stress, whilst rigorous factory testing is carried out for both crack and reseat, with cracking pressures ranging from ⅓ to 100 psi. Port connections for the C series check valve include both male and female NPT, CPI™, A-LOK®, UltraSeal, VacuSeal, BSP, SAE and Seal-Lok®.

Buy non-return check valves

If you are interested in any of our Parker check valves, discuss your industry and application requirements today with Fluid Controls by calling 0118 970 2060, emailing fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk  or completing our contact form  and our team will find a check valve to suit your process needs. 

F9 High Purity Check Valve

Parker Veriflo Check Valves

Veriflo Division presents the F9 Series Check Valve, a high purity, all welded check valve, featuring a patented asymmetric spring design for a consistently quiet operation
Hi Check Valve

Hi-Check Non-Return Valve

For process instrumentation applications requiring unidirectional flow control, we recommend Parker’s Hi-Check series of non-return valves. Offering maximum cold work pressure ratings of up to 689 bar/10,000 psi, these high-performance check valves are suitable for fluid and gas applications within the chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas offshore industries.  Featuring a two-piece body design, Parker’s robust Hi-check valves minimise...
CO Series Check Valve

CO Series Check Valves

Uni-directional flow control, particularly suitable for applications requiring high integrity leak rates and re-sealing capabilities.
C Series Check Valves

C Series Check Valves

Designed for uni-directional flow control of fluids and gases in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas production and transmission, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, power and utilities.

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