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Our Perma Pure Range

Here at Fluid Controls, we are proud to have a long-standing relationship with industry-leading manufacturer, Perma Pure. It is because of this enduring relationship that we are able to stock Perma Pure Inc’s innovative range of gas sampling equipment and moisture management solutions. Read on to find out more about our Perma Pure range.

Who is Perma Pure?

Founded back in 1979 by Jack Kertzman, Perma Pure was established to provide tubing solutions for a range of gas and humidifying applications. The Perma Pure brand has focused on producing a range of dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, speciality scrubbers and complete sampling systems for a range of applications in the medical, environmental, scientific and process industries.

In 1978, Perma Pure purchased the exclusive licence from DuPont to manufacture Nafion polymer. This means that they are the sole manufacturer of Nafion tubing, distributing this high-quality polymer to the whole world from their North American facility.

As the UK’s distributor for Perma Pure products, Fluid Controls can supply Perma Pure’s extensive range of gas and membrane sample dryers, which are designed to analyse gas stream samples safely and accurately. As well as Perma Pure dryers, we can also provide Perma Pure’s range of gas humidification products and gas sampling conditioning systems.

Perma Pure for medical applications

Medical solutions from Perma Pure consist of Nafion tubing products, which are used in medical diagnostic equipment and patient consumable products. These products boast the ‘Perma Pure Medical Advantage’ which means that they guarantee to remove up to 90% of moisture in breath samples to deliver improved accuracy. This standard also means that the Perma Pure range can also prevent condensation to protect monitoring equipment, whilst also reducing dead volumes in the sample circuits.

The Perma Pure dryers range

Here at Fluid Controls, we offer a comprehensive range of Perma Pure dryers that is renowned in the medical industry for providing complete moisture management solutions. These products are designed for use in critical applications relating to both health and environmental safety.

The Perma Pure dryers range is used in a number of medical applications, including breath analysis, capnography, metabolic and pulmonary function testing, as well as inhaled gas therapy.

Here at Fluid Controls, we can also supply Perma Pure dryers for a number of scientific applications. As a global leader in gas sample conditioning solutions, Perma Pure has one of the largest dryer ranges on the market. Perma Pure dryers are manufactured to suit a range of industrial applications, including analytical equipment, fuel cells, laboratory and scientific research, as well as PM, aerosol and dust analysis.

Perma Pure Dryers – Gas Sample Dryers Range

Perma Pure is known for its extensive range of dryers, including the Perma Pure gas sample dryers range, which is designed to provide accurate sample analysis of gases in an array of applications and scientific processes. This Perma Pure dryer range is renowned for its self-regenerating capabilities, its ability to provide effective removal of moisture prior to analysis, and generating dry air for the drying process.

Perma Pure gas sample dryers are suitable for use with a range of materials, from CO2 analysers to mercury and NOX analysers. Plus, the Perma Pure gas sample dryers range can sample dew points as low as -45 °C without the fear of losing any analytes.

A further benefit of the Perma Pure gas sample dryers range is its exceptional corrosion resistance, which provides conditioning against harsh and corrosive gases.

As the UK’s distributor of Perma Pure, Fluid Controls has the expertise to help you choose the best gas sample dryer for your application. We stock an extensive range of Perma Pure dryers, including the below gas sample dryer ranges:

  • Perma Pure MB Series
  • Perma Pure MD-700 Series
  • Perma Pure MDH Series
  • Perma Pure PD Series
  • Perma Pure BE Series
  • Perma Pure DM Series

The Perma Pure gas humidification range

Sometimes, in scientific applications, gas streams need to be humidified. This is where the Nafion tubing based range of gas humidifiers from Perma Pure is the ideal solution. When you need to humidify gases in scientific applications – such as those that use calibration gases, aerosol streams or incoming air for fuel cells – Perma Pure Nafion polymer tubing makes this easy.

Designed to work perfectly in conjunction with Perma Pure dryers, we can provide you with the following Perma Pure humidifier ranges:

  • Perma Pure MH Series
  • Perma Pure FC Series
  • Perma Pure BE Series

Buy Perma Pure dryers and humidifiers from Fluid Controls

Speak to our helpful team directly by calling us on +44 (0)118 970 2060 or email fluid@fludicontrols.co.uk to learn more about our range of Perma Pure dryers and humidifiers. Our expert customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about the Perma Pure range, plus, we are able to help you understand which product is best suited to the needs of your application. Contact us to find out more!

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