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Introducing our range of Welker products

Welker Engineering manufactures specialised instrumentation for the oil and gas industry. Their extensive product line provides a wealth of effective solutions for countless oil and gas applications, from sampling to conditioning, filtering, regulation, injection, containers and control. All of their first-class products are designed with performance, safety and convenience in mind and are now available to UK customers from Fluid Controls.

Who is Welker Engineering?

Although they may be best-known for their extensive selection of sampling equipment, that’s not all Welker has to offer customers. From analyser protection to filter dryers and automatic turbine meter lubrication, Welker has the expertise, experience and product portfolio required to serve many different sectors of the oil and gas industry and beyond. Whatever your oil and gas application, Welker is sure to have the ideal solution.

Over the course of its 65-year history, Welker has designed more than 80 patented solutions for the various different sectors of the oil and gas industry. Some of their most notable patents include the IRA Automatic Insertion Probe Regulator, WelkerScope® for pipeline inspection and ECOsystem™ Pulse Bypass odourisation system. Fluid Controls is delighted to be able to offer our loyal UK customers a wide range of Welker products.

Welker Engineering products

Here are just three examples of Welker products that Fluid Controls can now supply:

Sampling – Pitot Probe

If you need a fast loop for sampling equipment but don’t have downstream pressure drop for a return probe, the Welker Pitot Probe creates it for you with the convenience of one tap. The Pitot Probe features two probes in one: an outlet and return. The differential pressure created across these ports results in a product circulation loop between the pipeline and the sampling equipment.

Conditioning – IR-7 Instrument Regulator

The Welker IR-7 Instrument Regulator provides an output pressure adequate for downstream instrumentation that cannot otherwise sustain high pressures. As the supply travels through the input to the output, the input pressure is reduced and the filter element on the cartridge assembly filters out unwanted elements. Thus, protecting the equipment receiving the regulated product.

Filtering – F-19 Filter Dryer

The Welker F-19 Filter Dryer is designed to filter and dry natural gas to prepare it for use as an instrument supply. As gas flows through the F-19, water, aerosols, odourant and liquid hydrocarbons are removed by the filter media. This efficient process effectively cleans and dries the gas for use by downstream pneumatic controllers and other critical instruments.

Buy Welker Products from Fluid Controls

Fluid Controls has been supplying high-quality pressure control equipment since 1988. We are proud to be UK distributors of Welker’s high-quality instrumentation. As a fully accredited ISO9001:2015 company, we provide a full installation and service facility for many of the products we supply. We also offer full pressure testing and repairs, as well as in-house or on-site training to optimise your user experience.

For more information about our complete range of Welker products, or to discuss your application requirements in more detail, please contact Fluid Controls today on +44 (0)118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk

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