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Perma Pure Dryers

Perma Pure Dryers

Perma Pure is one of the leading manufacturers of gas sample conditioning solutions. They manufacture dryers, humidifiers, filters and more. Perma Pure use the chemical compound Nafion, as well as a large array of technology and expertise, to provide safe and accurate analysis of gas stream samples.

Perma Pure offer a large range of gas sample drying products that can be customised and tailor made are the same thing to your application. The two most popular series of Perma Pure Dryers are the Perma Pure MD Series and Perma Pure PD Series. As these dryers are made with Nafion, they are the ideal choice for drying gas samples prior to them being analysed, and can reduce the sample dew point to as low as -45°C without loss of analytes.

Perma Pure MD Series

Perma Pure MD Series

Perma Pure’s MD Series
of gas sample dryers uses selectively permeable membrane nafion tubing, which allows for continuously dry gas streams removing water vapor only. These dryers work over a large range of pressures, flow rates and temperatures and dry to dew point as low as -60°C. Some of the features of the MD series include its corrosion resistance, no moving parts and its straight or coiled configurations.

Perma Pure PD Series

Perma Pure PD Series
Perma Pure’s PD series are gas dryers that take full advantage of Nafion technology. These PD series dryers have been designed for high performance and high flow gas drying applications. Typical dryer applications include gas sample conditioning for continuous emissions and process monitoring. With their corrosion resistance and parts that don’t move, Perma Pure PD Series dryers are used as moisture exchangers in fuel cell applications.

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