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Perma Pure

Perma Pure is a  world-leading manufacturer of innovative gas sample conditioning equipment and moisture management solutions. Utilising exclusive Nafion polymer and a combination of advanced technology and decades of manufacturing expertise, Perma Pure’s range of pioneering gas dryers, humidifiers and sampling systems can be found across a variety of industries applications. 

As UK distributors for Perma Pure, Fluid Controls supplies their complete range of gas and membrane sample dryers, designed for analysing gas stream samples safely and accurately. 

As well as Perma Pure gas dryers, Fluid Controls can also provide businesses with an extensive range of their gas humidification products and sampling conditioning systems. Perma Pure products are primarily designed for use within medical and scientific processes.

Perma Pure dryers for medical applications

Perma Pure is renowned within the global medical industry for providing moisture management solutions for critical applications relating to both health and environmental safety. Medical solutions from Perma Pure consist of highly-selective permeation Nafion tubing products, which are used by OEMs of medical diagnostic equipment and for certain patient consumable products. 

Moisture management solutions from Perma Pure, such as their gas dryers and Nafion tubing, are designed to improve monitoring, increase accuracy and protect analysers in medical applications. 

All medical gas conditioning equipment from Perma Pure boasts ‘The Perma Pure Medical Advantage”. This pledge guarantees the removal of up to 90% of moisture in breath samples and improved accuracy of IR-based EtC)2 measurements by the removal of moisture interferences. It also prevents condensation to protect monitoring equipment and reduces dead volumes in sample circuits when compared to other equipment, such as water traps. 

Perma Pure dryers and tubing can be applied in various medical-based operations, including:

  • Breath Analysis
  • Capnography
  • Metabolic / Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Inhaled Gas Therapy

Perma Pure Nafion tubing for medical applications

Medical tubing made from Perma Pure’s exclusive Nafion polymer boasts a number of advantages for the industry. Perma Pure’s highly selective Nafion tubing is biocompatible according to ISO 10993, encompassing dermal sensitisation, skin irritation and cytotoxicity testing. It can also initiate the pervaporation of liquid water, as well as rapid and continuous removal of water in vapour phase.

Perma Nafion tubing dryers for medical applications

Manufactured specifically for medical applications, Perma Pure ME Series tubing dryers are Nafion-based permeation solutions. Designed to be simple to implement, whilst improving accuracy and protecting medical analysis equipment, these high-performance tubing dryers deliver the Perma Pure Medical Advantage for Breath Drying operations. 

ME series dryers from Perma Pure utilise Nafion polymer tubing technology which has been engineered to optimise flow and moisture exchange in medical applications. Perma Pure also carry out leak and flow testing of all its dryers and sample lines to ensure optimal performance. 

Perma Pure Nafion Tubing

Perma Pure dryers for scientific applications

As a global leader in providing gas sample conditioning solutions, Perma Pure has one of the largest product ranges available anywhere on the market for scientific applications. Numerous sample dryers, gas humidifiers, Nafion tubing and sample conditioning systems have been manufactured by Perma Pure with scientific processes in mind. 

These include:

  • Analytical Equipment
  • Fuel Cells
  • Laboratory & Scientific Research
  • PM, Aerosol & Dust Analysis

Perma Pure gas sample conditioning products can also be used in Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) in a variety of industries, such as petrochemical and refineries. They are also suitable for process analysis operations, such as stack testing.

Perma Pure gas sample dryers

Perma Pure dryers are an ideal choice for providing accurate sample analysis of gases within scientific processes. Boasting self-regenerating capabilities, MD series and PD series gas sample dryers can be found in a wide range of scientific analysers. They provide effective removal of moisture prior to analysis, as well as generating dry air for these processes. 

From CO2 analysers to mercury and NOX analysers, Perma Pure gas sample dryers reduce sample dew points as low as -45 °C without measurable losses of analytes. The exceptional corrosion resistance of Perma Pure’s exclusive Nafion polymer also provides conditioning of harsh and corrosive gas samples despite their rich acidic qualities. 

Nafion tubing based gas sample dryers from Perma Pure open atmospheres within scientific operations for a wider range of flow rates up to 40 lpm. 

 Perma Pure Gas Sample Dryers

As UK distributors for Perma Pure, Fluid Controls has access to their complete range of gas sample dryers, including:

  • Perma Pure MD Series Gas Sample Dryers
  • Perma Pure MD-700 Series Large Diameter Dryers
  • Perma Pure MDH-Series Heated Gas Sample Dryer
  • Perma Pure PD-Series Gas Sample Dryers
  • Perma Pure BE-Series Moisture Exchangers
  • Perma Pure DM Series Desiccant Dryers

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Perma Pure gas humidification

For scientific processes that require gas streams to be humidified, Nafion-tubing based gas humidifiers from Perma Pure are an ideal solution. Scientific applications – such as calibration gases, aerosol streams or incoming air for fuel cell systems –  rely on the humidification of gases. By using Perma Pure exclusive Nafion polymer tubing, gas humidifiers can process humidified gas streams in either gas to gas or water to gas, depending on the needs of your industry.

Perma Pure Gas Humidifers

Complimenting our stock of Perma Pure Dryers, Fluid Controls can supply their full portfolio of gas humidifiers to businesses throughout the UK, including:

  • Perma Pure MH Series Humidifiers
  • Perma Pure FC Series Humidifiers
  • Perma Pure BE Series Humidifiers

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To purchase any Perma Pure products, call Fluid Controls Ltd directly on 0118 970 2060, email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk or complete our contact form.

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