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parker Lucifer solenoid valves

Parker Lucifer Solenoid Valves

Fluid Controls supplies a wide range of high quality Parker Lucifer solenoid valves to suit a broad range of fluid control applications. As leading distributors of Parker valve products, Fluid Controls offers an extensive selection of the Parker Lucifer solenoid valve catalogue.

Below, we offer more information about the range of Parker solenoid valves, available to purchase from Fluid Controls:

• 2/2 way valves

2-way acting solenoid valves from Parker Lucifer are suitable for a range of direct acting and pilot operated models. Their 2-way solenoid valves are also available as a normally closed or normally open, operating component.

2-way Parker Lucifer solenoids are also manufactured using brass or stainless steel. Their compatibility with a range of liquids and gases makes them extremely versatile when it comes to hard-wearing applications. These valves are also available in sizes between G1/8 and G3, with pressure up to 100 bar.

• 3 & 4 way valves
Parker Lucifer solenoid valves are also available as 3-way and 4-way direct operational valves. Three and 4 way valves are often used in demanding applications, which require additional connecting ports. Common applications for a 3 or 4 way solenoid valve include the medical and energy industries. Four way Parker Lucifer solenoid valves are also used to control single or double acting cylinders. They feature a fast response time, low lubrication and offer a long service life, making them the perfect, low maintenance component.

Explosion proof solenoid valves
Available in the Parker Lucifer product range is a unique range of coils and housings. This modular concept enables many application requirements to be met, especially in the various explosion-proof protection classes. The full range of explosion proof solenoid valves conform to the latest ATEX standards, meet full European standards as well as U.S. NEMA and UL standards.

Why choose Fluid Controls for your Parker Lucifer solenoid?

Fluid Controls are leading Lucifer valve distributors and represent the Parker Instrumentation Division (Central South & South West UK). As established Lucifer valve distributors, we stock large supplies of Parker Lucifer solenoids for almost any fluid connection and control applications.
As suppliers of the complete Parker Lucifer solenoid valve catalogue our technical team can answer any of your questions regarding the range of components. If you require further information, contact Fluid Controls today by emailing fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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