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Legris Low Pressure Fittings

Legris Push-In & Pneumatic Fittings

As part of our range of push-in pneumatic fittings, Fluid Controls stock and supplies push-in and pneumatic compression fittings from Parker Legris. As UK Parker distributors, we can provide your business with high-performance fittings from the manufacturers Legris division. Parker Legris fittings are designed to connect, convey and control compressed air, as well as gasses and liquids within industrial applications.

Parker Legris push-in fittings

Push-in fittings from Parker Legris are ideally suited for dealing with compressed air and pneumatic systems. Legris push-to-connect fittings provide an intuitive means of connecting tubes for establishing a fluid distribution network within your process. Featuring a cost-effective patented design, Legris push-in pneumatic fittings benefit from quick installation times, as well as improving application efficiency and possessing exceptional lifespans compared to other push-in fittings available elsewhere on the market. Suitable for use within a range of pneumatic and vacuum machinery and low pressure compressed air applications, Legris push-in fittings are ideal for industries such as factory automation, vehicle assembly and food packaging.

Fluid Controls has access to the complete Legris push-in fittings range, which extends to:

  • Parker Legris LF3000 push-in fittings
  • Parker Legris LF3200 push-in fittings
  • Parker Legris LIQUIFIT and LIQUIFT+ push-in fittings

Parker Legris LF3000 push-in fittings

Suitable for all pneumatic installations, Parker’s LF300 range of durable plastic push-in fittings are capable of working pressures of up to 20 bar and feature a diverse temperature range from -20°C to +80°C.

Parker Legris F3200 push-in fittings

Ideal for smaller pneumatic installations, Parker’s LF3200 range of mini brass push-in fittings benefit applications with severe size and weight constraints. As such, these compact push-in fittings are capable of delivering a robust, precise performance for systems with specific operating requirements.

Parker Legris LIQUIFIT push-in fittings

Featuring an eco-friendly design, Parker’s innovative LIQUIFT range of push-in fittings are designed specifically for use within water applications. LIQUIFIT push-in fittings ensure a delicate transfer of sensitive fluids and remove the risk of bacteria growth within circuits, thanks to its key characteristic of 100% cleanliness after cleaning.

Parker Legris compression fittings

Fluid Controls stocks the complete Parker Legris range of universal compression fittings. Compromising of either stud or tube-to-tube couplings, Legris compression fittings are applicable for all fluid distribution applications and connection requirements. Adhering to a variety of different industry regulations, including RoHS, PED, ATEX and REACH, Legris compression fittings feature a space-saving design which allows for different connection configurations at once within a single fitting. The absence of a seal within Legris compression fittings guarantees simplified maintenance, increased lifespans and greatly reduces risk of leakage within applications.

Applicable for use with a variety of media types such as water, oil, fuel, compressed air and chemical fluids, our Legris compression fittings are available in a variety of sizes and can be manufactured from either brass or stainless steel depending on model selection.

Parker Legris fittings distributors

If you are interested in purchasing Parker Legris fittings for your pneumatic application, discuss your industry requirements with Fluid Controls today on 0118 970 2060, email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk or complete our contact form.

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