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Thompson valves

Why choose Thompson valves?

At Fluid Controls we are proud distributors of Maxseal Thompson Valves Ltd. As part of the Norgren brand, Thompson Valves are a cut above the rest offering a comprehensive range of products. Ranging from spring-loaded regulators to dome-loaded back pressure valves, Thompson Valve products meet internationally recognised standards and deliver the highest standards of service. In this article, we will be discussing why you should choose Thompson Valves and running through their range of products available at Fluid Controls.

About Thompson Valves

Founded almost 60 years ago, Maxseal Thompson Valves Ltd are a manufacturer of exceptional flow control products and valves, focusing on the precise control and movement of fluids in critical applications. With a large and varied product range including pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, dome loaded regulators, Thompson Valves design and manufacture products that are perfect for the nuclear, oil and gas, petrochemical and marine industries. To learn more about Thompson Valves please visit our dedicated brand page.

Thompson Valve products

J20 Spring Loaded Regulator

The J20 Spring Loaded series of Thompson Valves regulators have been designed with a ¼” ISO G/NPT port size and brass material to be the perfect regulator for gas/liquid and tracking applications. These Thompson regulators can be used for low to medium flow applications, as they offer fast control of outlet pressures at 10 bar. As well as the fast control of outlet pressures, these regulators also promise precise and cost-effective operation due to easy manual adjustments.

Thompson Valve products

Dome Loaded Back Pressure Valves

Maxseal Thompson Valves Ltd offers their balanced dome loaded pressure maintaining valves in sizes 1/2″, 1″ and 11/2″ for quick and accurate control of inlet pressures. These exceptional pressure valves are ideal for high flow and low to medium pressure applications. Features of this pressure valve include a stable and noiseless body that maintains a set pressure of upstream media. The heavy-duty construction also allows it to be installed in the most arduous environments.

Thompson Valve products

For more information about Thompson Valves or to purchase Thompson Valve products get in touch today on 0118 970 2060 or via email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk. Our technicians are trained on the full Maxseal Thompson Valves Ltd product range and can assist you with your purchase from beginning to end.

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