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Showcasing the services we offer at Fluid Controls

Here at Fluid Controls, we consider ourselves much more than your typical, run-of-the-mill distributor of pressure control products. Our mission is to add value to your operations in every way we can. From pressure testing and repairs to product training, technical back-up and installation services, we go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. Read on to find out more about our full range of value-added services. 

Installation and service facility

So you’ve managed to find your ideal pressure control equipment and have purchased it from Fluid Controls. Congratulations! However, purchasing your equipment is merely the beginning of the journey. The next step in the process is to ensure your components are installed correctly. Let’s say you’ve bought a new product that you’re not entirely familiar with, where do you start?

You could spend precious hours poring over instruction manuals or you could save yourself considerable time, money and resources by letting an expert oversee the installation for you. With Fluid Controls’ installation and service facility, we can take away the guesswork. You gain total peace of mind that your components have been installed correctly and are serviced effectively to ensure they perform optimally for as long as possible.

In-house/On-site training

When it comes to fluid systems, knowledge is power. Especially in terms of ensuring your pressure control components perform to their absolute peak at all times. Fluid Controls delivers in-house, on-site training to give you all the necessary knowledge and expertise you need to get the very best out of your pressure control products. Our technical experts will help you gain total mastery of your instrumentation.

From correct installations to troubleshooting and maintenance tips, our in-house training provides all the foundational knowledge you need to maintain the reliability, efficiency and productivity of all your fluid control instrumentation. Our deep knowledge of our suppliers’ market leading pressure control products ensures that we can give you the most comprehensive, practical training available.

Parker Safety at Work Training

There is no escaping the fact that industrial applications often carry a certain degree of danger. Systems in motion and fluids under pressure pose an inherent risk to personnel and machinery. Depending on your application, you may be liable to encounter a wide range of risks on a daily basis. These might include the threat of explosions, high velocity fluid discharge or contact with toxic fluids to name but a few hazards.

Safety is no accident, as they say. It requires an ongoing commitment to ensuring systems and processes are in place to keep the working environment as safe as possible. This is where our Parker safety at work training sessions can make all the difference. Delivered in partnership with Parker Hannifin, our interactive and collaborative training sessions promote awareness of the importance of following proper practices and maintaining safe conditions at all times.

Technical back-up on all products

Of course, no component is completely infallible. So if and when problems arise, our experts are always on hand to provide technical back-up on all of our products. Should you need our help and assistance with any issues relating to your pressure control products, our technical experts are only ever just a call away. Regardless of how big or small the issue, we’re always happy to help. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority here at Fluid Controls.

Cylinder regulators and assemblies

At Fluid Controls, we can supply ex-stock cylinder regulators for high purity, corrosive and standard laboratory gases. We can also provide single and two-stage regulator assemblies in brass and stainless steel as standard or custom designs. We will tailor your assembly to your exact requirements with many additional options available, including purge assemblies, switch gauges, outlet fittings and isolation valves. 

We also operate a repair and overhaul service on pressure regulators, vales and cylinder regulator assemblies. This means that we are able to inspect, repair and functionally test virtually all makes of regulators for routine servicing, batch refurbishments and complete overhauls. So for exceptional cylinder regulators, assemblies and technical support, look no further than Fluid Controls.

Full pressure test and repair facility

Fluid Controls offers a full pressure test and repair facility to ensure your pressure control systems perform safely and effectively. Pressure tests maintain the safety, reliability and leak tightness of pressure systems. They are highly recommended before using a newly installed pressure system and after an existing pressure system has undergone repairs. Either way, we can take of everything for you – including essential repairs. 
For more information about any of our services, or to discuss your application requirements in more detail, please contact us today on +44 (0)118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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