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Burkert Sanitary valves

Sanitary Valves from Bürkert

After 70 years at the forefront of manufacturing measurement and control systems for liquids and gases, Bürkert knows a thing or two about designing sanitary valves. That’s why Fluid Controls only supplies their state-of-the-art sanitary valves.

When it comes to hygienic applications, Fluid Controls understands how important it is to have the right tools for the job. Bürkert consistently pushes the envelope in terms of sanitary valve design. That’s why we only supply their hygienic valves, including the following exceptional models.

Type 2000 INOX valve

The Type 2000 INOX valve from Bürkert features a compact design that facilitates space-saving installation. The positional display in the upper part of the control air connection means that the status of the device can be determined easily at any time. While the actuator and valve body are made from stainless steel and are therefore able to resist corrosion and high temperatures.

Proven graphite seals protect the actuator from the effects of the medium and seal off the block interfaces. Several housings can also be fitted to each other, which means that flow diagrams can be implemented entirely in line with the customer’s wishes. The block can also be secured with a variable position.

This type of sanitary valve is ideally suited to hygienic applications, such as steam distribution for sterilisation and the dispensing of chemicals. As well as the aforementioned benefits, the Type 2000 INOX valve can also be set up with drives that are open or closed when in the idle position or with the option of integrating sensors, filters and non-return valves.

Robolux multi-port diaphragm valve

Bürkert’s Robolux multi-port diaphragm valves were developed with ultra-pure installations in mind. They can be integrated into complex systems within a considerably more compact footprint and are perfect for a system approach.

Robolux block valves allow existing process sequences to be converted to Robolux and redesigned. The consequent simplification of the piping system and its components results in space savings and lower installation and maintenance costs.

Burkert Sanitary valves
In a compact unit the equipment automates functions for the two independently controllable drive halves. The compact body features a hygienic valve design, adverse cleaning agents against resistant materials and a practical high IP protection.

It also minimises internal volume and produces no dead flow zones. The results of which are manifold: better flow and evacuation properties, cleaning and changeover of the interfaces is easier and faster, and there’s less wastage of expensive chemicals and ingredients.

Sanitary diaphragm valve

Bürkert has also unveiled the next evolution in sanitary diaphragm valves, with their third generation tube valve body. This completely unique new design employs hydroforming technology, resulting in a valve that is 75% lighter than forged housings, extremely energy efficient and offers excellent clean-in-place (CIP) properties.

Bürkert Hygienic Valves have been taken to the next level by patenting a new procedure to create process valves using hydroforming technology. This has significantly reduced the amount of material used, as well as allowing uniformly high quality laser welds that do not add any further material to the component.

Designed for use in hygienic process applications, the new tube valve body meets the latest standards for pharmaceutical, cosmetic as well as food and beverage industries.

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