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Proportion-Air steam regulators

Take a look at Proportion Air’s regulator range

In this blog, Fluid Controls takes a look at Proportion-Air’s range of regulators, including electronic and steam regulators, which can be used to control the temperature of saturated steam by controlling the precise pressure.

Who is Proportion-Air?

Proportion-Air was founded in 1985 and is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves. Fluid Controls offers a large range Proportion-air products, allowing you to select the most suitable product for your application needs. As Proportion-Air suppliers, Fluid Controls can supply their complete range of regulators.

Proportion-Air regulators – QB4 Series

Proportion Air Regulators

The QB4 series of Proportion-Air regulators is part of their electronic regulators range. This closed-loop electronic pressure regulator has the capability to achieve flow rates as high as 200 SCFM forward flow and 200 SCFM exhaust flow. This electronic regulator is made up of an internal pressure transducer, two solenoid valves and an electronic control circuit, which is mounted to an integral volume booster.

Proportion-Air steam regulators – PABD 4 Series

Proportion-Air steam regulators

The PABD 4 series of Proportion-Air’s steam regulators comes in two separate versions: a single or a double electronic control. An electric pilot controls the pressure to the PADM steam regulator dome. The dual loop version senses pressure in the main line and allows for the electronic regulator to compensate for leaks, back pressure and any other mechanical deficiencies.

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