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Veriflo Back Pressure Regulators

Veriflo Instrumentation Range

Veriflo, a Parker Instrumentation Division, is a leading manufacturer of bulk gas valves, precision diaphragms, regulators and flow control components for the control and application of gases and liquids. The group’s high quality, critical flow components are developed for world-wide process instrumentation, ultra-high-purity, analytical, medical and biopharmaceutical applications.

Back Pressure Regulator – ABP1 Series

Parker’s ABP1 series is a back pressure Veriflo regulator that has been designed to maintain a specified upstream pressure in a gas delivery system. With its precise control, superior strength and corrosion resistance, it is capable of fulfilling a large range of back pressure control applications needs. The regulator also has a diaphragm which provides an outlet for pressure stability with changes in flow.

Veriflo Regulator

Veriflo RV Relief Valve

Veriflo’s RV Relief Valve has been designed to be used in high purity semiconductor applications and is suited for aggressive chemicals, as well as ultra-pure water. The valve’s molded PFA body utilises PTFE seats and a diaphragm poppet, which provides over five times the flexural life as compared to standard PTFE.

Parker Instrumentation Divisions

PFA/PTFE Flowmeter

Another product from Parker’s Instrumentation Division is their reliable PFA/PTFE Flowmeter. This has been developed for all high purity applications where precise measurement and control of liquids are needed. The flowmeter takes advantage of precision machined PTFE bodies, high purity PFA barrels and needle valve components. Instead of the usual face-to-face seals, the flowmeter will utilise compression to seal the barrel to the bodies, creating a more positive seal. The flowmeter’s zero metal allows for higher resistance to deionized water and chemicals.

Veriflow PTFE Flowmeters

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