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Parker HPRV Series Relief Valve

The aim of a pressure relief valve is to remove overpressure to ensure pressure within a system doesn’t exceed the pilot setting. The Parker HPRV valve operates using the same principle and provides an automatic protection mechanism for process instrumentation systems.

The Parker high pressure relief valve is unique due to its ability to operate in an extremely wide pressure range, between (150 to 6000 psi, or 10.3 to 414 bar). The HPRV valve is a universal solution for almost all general instrumentation applications.

The Parker HPRV series relief valve is CE marked, meaning the product is suitable for use throughout Europe. The valve is also certified to the highest Category-IV level of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

The Parker HPRV valve is extremely accurate, due to its low friction stem seal design, which facilitates a smooth operation and optimises the precision of cracking and resealing.

The innovative PED-certified Parker high pressure relief valve is extremely versatile, delivering accurate and consistent cracking and resealing performance. The valve has been designed with a single seat size that works for all common instrumentation systems, meaning only one part number needs to be ordered. Read about the features of the Parker HPRV series relief valve in our helpful article.

The HPRV valve offers a fit and forget solution that is pre-set to the required cracking pressure (which is clearly marked on the body). With a blow out and chip resistant design, the Parker HPRV series relief valve is also extremely safe.

The valve features a balanced chamber design which eliminates problems caused by varying back pressure and the unique Tru-Loc locking system, which works to prevent accidental adjustment.

The Parker HPRV valve is available in a number of series, which can be found in the downloadable guide below. For more information, contact Fluid Controls today on 0118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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