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Norgren Actuators

Norgren Actuators

Pneumatic actuators (sometimes called Cylinders) are the product used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. Linear and rotary output, they are available in all manner of sizes and styles to suit most requirements.

Norgren has a long history of production of this kind of device – an early example of a pneumatic actuator was the original Martonair air hoist. They now include rodded, rodless, compact, roundline, guided and other ranges. Please see the different options available below:

Roundline Actuators:
Norgren’s range of roundline cylinders are ideally suited to the lighter duty, lower force applications that typically lead machine builders to choose a simple roundline actuator.

Compact Actuators:
Norgren offers three ranges of compact actuators; an ISO standard version, our Norgren standard equivalent and a clamping cylinder range.

ISO/VDMA Actuators:
Norgren’s ISO/VDMA Actuators offer complete interchangeability with other manufacturers whilst still offering advantages unique to Norgren.

The unique Norgren IVAC is a complete package including pneumatic actuator, control valve, position switches and speed control.

Rodless Actuators:
Combining light weight with high strength, our aluminium extrusion with integral switch and machine mounting grooves offers great versatility.

Slides & Guided Units:
Norgren’s range of slide units and guided actuators include high quality bearings and slides ensuring long life and reliable performance.

Rotary Actuators:
Where angular motion rather than linear is required, then a rotary actuator has the answer. Norgren offers both rack and pinion and vane type.

Stainless Steel Actuators:
Norgren offers both ISO roundline and ISO tie rod construction. All carry the same Norgren quality and performance expectations.

Air Bellows:
Norgren’s bellows units provide easy compact installation and are virtually frictionless and maintenance free.

Our M/50 range of switches fits every range of actuator we offer either directly or via an adaptor. We include both reed and solid state versions.

Shock Absorbers:
Fully sealed and maintenance free, our range of hydraulic shock absorbers includes a number of load capacities, mounting brackets and accessory items.

Classic Actuators:
Norgren’s classic actuator ranges include our standard and heavy duty ranges, impact cylinders, fixed range positioners and our repairable roundline range.

Take a look at the PDF below – if you need further information please speak to one of our sales team on 0118 970 2060 or email your enquiry to fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk.

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