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HB Series - High Pressure Ball Valves

Parker HB Series – High Pressure Ball Valves

Parker’s HB series ball valves are ideal for high-pressure applications requiring reliable shut-off and directional control. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, HB series high-pressure valves are available in either two-way or three-way designs and feature a variety of actuation options, including pneumatic, electric and manual.

The compact and rugged design of Parker HB series ball valves includes spring-loaded seats for higher cycle life. In addition, Parker high-pressure ball valves feature low operating torques at pressures of up to 689 bar (10,000 psig). For extreme or demanding applications, the valve life is significantly increased due to upper and lower trunnion bearings, which enhance resistance against potential seizure.

HB series ball valves benefits

Choosing high-pressure ball valves from Parker can wield a multitude of benefits for your desired application. Below, we have highlighted the key benefits and features of HB series high-pressure ball valves to better inform your decision-making process:

  • PEEK trunnion bearings for longer cycle life
  • Two-way and three-way designs
  • Manual, electric or pneumatic actuation
  • Full operating pressure at any port
  • Low operating torque
  • Blow out resistant two-piece ball and stem
  • Panel mountable to 3/8˝ (9.6 mm) thickness
  • Temperature rating of -54˚C to 204˚C (-65˚F to 400˚F)
  • 100% factory tested
  • Heat code traceability

For industries that have limited work areas, Fluid Controls can also provide a compact FNPT version of the HB series ball valve upon request.

UK suppliers of Parker high-pressure ball valves

HB series high-pressure ball valves are just one of many products included in Fluid Controls’ extensive valve range. If you’d like to inquire about any of the valves we supply here at Fluid Controls, speak with one of our technical advisors on 0118 970 2060 or email fluid@fluidcontrols.co.uk and we’ll gladly assist you with your query.

For more information about Parker HB series ball valves, download our PDF below.

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