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Face seal buttweld fittings from Parker Veriflo

Buttweld fittings from Parker Veriflo

At Fluid Controls, we provide an extensive range of face seal fittings from Parker Veriflo. Each and every product is leak and water-resistant and features a metal-to-metal design that makes them suitable for a wide range of applications across many industries. Parker Buttweld fittings are designed for situations that require a supremely reliable welded tubing system. Only the finest stainless steel is used when creating these components, to ensure total corrosion-resistance and a product that will stand the test of time.

Mini buttweld fittings

Mini Buttweld fittings are a hugely popular component that we supply. They are intended for ultra-high purity applications, leaving you with a highly refined finished product. They were designed for any industries whose components and machinery come into contact with corrosive liquids and need products that can withstand that kind of environment. This is why these Buttweld fittings are made of 316L VIM/VAR Material.

Automatic buttweld fittings

We also stock Automatic Buttweld fittings, which are created using materials that follow mechanical and chemical regulations. Each and every component is fitted to conform to the thickness of the wall it is needed for and comes with heat code traceability built in. Buttweld pipe fittings are made from highly robust stainless steel and are renowned for their easy installation.

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